Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Is Jameis Winston the Dimmest Bulb in the Room?

Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston has reportedly been cited for shoplifting crab legs. Last year Winston was investigated after being accused of rape. Charges were never brought against the quarterback but the cloud over those allegations hasn't gone away.

So what would you do if you had been accused of rape, denied those accusations and wanted to portray a choir boy reputation? Would you shoplift crab legs? I know I wouldn't.

Now let’s say that you are the dimmest light bulb in the room. Let’s also assume the above scenario. Would you shop lift crab legs. If you could breathe and walk and function like a living mammal, their is a chance that you might. Although, I think that even the dimmest of light bulbs would be smart enough not to be that stupid.

These are only allegations at this point but Winston’s reputation has already taken a hit. This latest allegation is sure to make his critics even more skeptical about his character and behavior.

If he’s charged with being the crab legs caper will he use the “I’m a hungry college football player” defense? We sure know how hungry college football players at a division 1 powerhouse starve every day, don’t we?

We sure know that guys like Jameis Winston are treated like horse manure, aren't they? They’re not treated like kings on campus are they? They are made to eat scraps aren't they? Even animals are treated better than Jameis Winston, right?

If you believe that nonsense and dribble I don’t know what to say. I’m sure that the penalty for stealing crabs legs isn’t that severe, so Jameis is sure to get a slap on the wrist. Before the day is up, it might even be reported that this has been a big misunderstanding.

Note to potential future draft suitors: Beware of Mr. Winston. He might burn you if you draft him. If you think he’s a choir boy, draft him and throw gobs of money at him.

I think that Mr. Winston needs to do everything possible from this day forth to lead a pristine and honorable life. I’m not saying that he isn’t already but as every allegation of alleged criminal conduct on the part of Mr. Winston is concerned, the less confident I am in his innocence to the charges or allegations of criminal wrong doing on his part.

Mr. Winston needs to grow up. He’s doing major damage to his reputation and possible future draft status. Teams will shy away from a guy with a checkered past if they feel that he’s too great a risk. Winston is starting to become the player that teams will view as a great risk.


  1. When he gets about a 5 on the Wonderlic test, will pro teams still be interested?

    1. Hilarious comment. Thanks for your comment.

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