Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Has Common Sense Finally Found its Way into Los Angeles Lakers Management?

Mike D'antoni Signed Lakers 8x10 Photo Authentic Autograph Psa/dna #v68336There are reports that the Los Angeles Lakers will fire Head Coach Mike D'Antoni after the NBA season is over. It looks like Lakers management finally has some common sense, even if though the team did sign general manager Mitch Kupchak to an extension. I was not a fan of the hiring of D'Antoni from day one and hopefully he will be toast at season's end.

Wrong Coach Hired
I believed that the Lakers hired the wrong coach. That job should have gone to Phil Jackson. Jackson appeared to have the job locked up before the Lakers shockingly and out of nowhere hired D'Antoni. Even Phil seemed surprised. He believed that the job had virtually been offered to him.

Lakers fans like me were outraged. We believed that Phil could turn around the losing ways of the Lakers and return them to greatness. Lakers fans are not used to their teams having losing seasons and missing the playoffs. That's unacceptable.

I had my doubts about Mike D'Antoni's philosophy and approach to the game.

Mike D'Antoni Mortgaged Good Defense in Favor of All out Scoring
I believed that D'Antoni would focus too much on offense at the expense of defense. Mike D'antoni believed that scoring 100+ points per game would mean that the team's focus on defense wasn't necessary.

I believed that the Lakers offense would eventually be destroyed by terrible defense and that has happened. The Lakers are 11th in points scored and 29th in points allowed. Their offense isn't good enough to overcome such a bad defense.

I know some people will give D'Antoni a pass due to the absence of Kobe Bryant.

Kobe Bryant is Injured
Kobe has missed most of the season due to injury but I'm not sure that Kobe's presence on the court could have saved this season or D'Antoni's job. When Kobe was playing last season, the Lakers also had one of the worst defenses in the NBA. Kobe was extremely frustrated by the Lakers poor performance last season and I believe that frustration was due to who the head coach is.

I believe that Kobe is sitting at home and silently hoping that Mike D'Antoni is closed to being a bad dream and a failed hire in Lakers Town. I know that I am but I'm not silent about how I feel. I don't mind shouting out loud that it will be a good day in LA when Mike D'Antoni is terminated.

Lakers fans deserve to have better results from their club.

Will the Lakers Next Head Coach be John Calipari?
This is stating the obvious but Lakers management needs to use common sense in making the next coaching hire. They blew this one and finally seem to be showing some common sense (assuming they do fire D'Antoni). The Lakers will have to see who's available.

Will the next hire be Kansas coach John Calipari? I think that's a possibility even though he is strongly denying the rumors of him being the next head coach of the Lakers. I think his strong denials are just a smokescreen and that at the very least he is in the running for the Lakers job.

Only time will tell who the Lakers hire. As a Lakers fan I don't want it to be the wrong guy again. The Lakers need to get it right this time around.

Mike D'Antoni

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