Friday, April 4, 2014

Has Apathy Set in for Minnesota Twins Fans?

Target Field 2010 InteriorWith another loss, this time to the Cleveland Indians by a score of 7-2 the question to be asked is if apathy has set in for Minnesota Twins fans. With the loss today to the Indians, the Twins have started the season with one win and three losses.

For those of us who are Twins fans who have endured terrible seasons the past few years, we know that this is just the beginning of the terrible play Twins fans will witness all season long. This is bad team. There is not sugar coating it.

With the terrible play on the field, ticket sales have suffered. Good seats are available for the team's home opener. We can blame Twins ownership for the poor excuse of baseball that ticket buyers witness game after game at Target Field.

When the team was lobbying the State of Minnesota for a new stadium, they promised that they would start spending money and put a winning product on the field. The first year at Target Field was a successful one. Then mediocrity followed.

In the team's second year, the Twins raised ticket prices but failed to spend money to improve the product on the field. By the team's third season fans started going to the ball park less and less. The product hasn't improved, ticket prices are through the roof and the team's ownership barely spends a dime on the team. The Minnesota Twins have the 21st highest payroll in Major League Baseball. There are 30 games that play in the league.

So the Twins have created the recipe of building a terrible team and creating fan apathy. Yes, fans have become apathetic. They have no faith in the team and they don't want to spend money, lots of money to see garbage on the field. They can go to their local garbage dump for free to see trash.

We shouldn't be surprised by what has happened to the Twins. The Pohlads have always been cheap. They love to have a minor league type of team. Spending money on the team isn't even on their radar. Note to the Twin's ownership: Twins fans don't want to spend money for major league ticket prices to see an amateur baseball team taking the field.

We can go and see a St. Paul Saints game for much cheaper if we want to see minor league ball. At least we will get some value for the money we spend.

I supported the use of tax payer money to build the team a new baseball park for the Twins. But I believe that we have been sold a bill of goods. That is inexcusable.

I'm sure most Minnesota Twins fans feel the same way as I do. I'm sure that they are frustrated with team ownership. I think they are angry that the cost of seeing a baseball game at Target Field has increased while the quality of play on the field has decreased.

As long as Twins can see the same garbage on their television sets for free, why would they go the ball park? Why would they? Why shouldn't Twins fans be apathetic. It's the owners fault. They are incompetent and disgusting. They are destroying the Twins and the game of baseball in Minnesota. Shame on the. Shame on them.

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