Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Interested in Buying Clippers - Let’s Hope that the Clippers Don’t go From Racist to Woman Beater

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Autographed Photograph - 16x20 PSA DNA #T14877There are reports that boxing champion Floyd Maywaether Jr. is interested in purchasing the Los Angeles Clippers which may be open for sale if 75% of NBA owners vote to force banned owner Donald Sterling into selling the team.

There may be people who are thrilled about this possibility. Mayweather is a champion, he’s flashy and he’s rich. He would definitely bring exposure and media attention to the team but I think it would be for the wrong reasons.

Mayweather Was Convicted for Assaulting a Woman

Floyd Mayweather Jr. shouldn’t be allowed to purchase the Clippers if the team becomes available for sale. The NBA should have learned their lesson from having a racist owner right under their noses. In 2012 Floyd Mayweather Jr. was handed a 90 day jail sentence for assaulting a woman.

I believe that it would be hypocritical for the NBA to ban Sterling for life and then allow a disgusting human being, a convict to buy the team. I think most of us would agree that beating up a woman is a terrible crime and one that society should condemn.

If the NBA has been half awake in the past few years and if their owners have a read a newspaper, surfed the internet or listened to the radio, they should have heard about Mayweather and his legal problems. I think that this boxer is a terrible fit for the NBA, especially now that Commissioner Adam Silver has set the bar pretty high regarding owners and their personal conduct.

Flirting With Disaster

If the NBA chooses to disregard the evidence they have in front of them regarding Mayweather’s conviction and past assault allegations then they will have created a possible future firestorm. Should Mayweather assault another woman in the future and he is owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, it would be the NBA that would be criticized and ridiculed by the media and the public.

I hope that the NBA is smart enough to distance themselves from Floyd. I hope that they move quickly to decline his ownership application should it ever happen.

The NBA has risen above this latest scandal and they did it with class, dignity, respect and decency. The NBA needs to continue down this path and set its standards very high. It needs to scrutinize every potential new owner of an NBA team. It must do its due diligence and weed out people that have been a disgrace and menace to the community.

I believe in my heart that Mayweather was a disgrace and menace to the community. Beating up a woman surely falls within this categorization, don’t you think?

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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