Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vick to Visit New York Jets – Let the Circus Continue

Michael Vick Signed Photograph - 11x14 Jsa #f77360Michael Vick is scheduled to visit the New York Circus, I mean New York Cesnas, I mean the New York Jets. It is widely accepted that the Jets have bungled up the position of quarterback (QB). In fact they are the definition of failure when it does come to suiting up a QB on Sunday.

After the Mark Sanchez (turnover king) fiasco and the insanity of signing Tim Tebow but never giving the guy a chance, the Jets turned to rookie QB Geo Smith. To the horror of Jets fans and the Jets organization, Geno continued where Sanchez left off. He was a failure in his first year.

That isn’t to say that the kid can’t blossom into a good starting QB someday. While I’m not confident about that, I am extremely confident that Geno is better off with another organization. The Jets seem to be a disaster when it comes to QBs and I believe that if a QB wants to fail he should sign on with the Cesnas.

After failing miserably time and time again, the Jets are now looking at Michael Vick. If the Jets were to ask this layman if they should consider adding him to the lineup I would say no way. I do hope that they sign Vick. I don’t like the Jets, so the possibility of the Jets bungling the position up once again puts a big huge smile on my face.

Michael Vick is washed up. He is injury prone and that is due to his preference of running around the field rather than being a passing QB. Sure he’s had his success passing the ball but it’s his mobility that used to define him.

Vick can’t do what he used to. His body is battered and bruised and he’s older now. He would fail miserably with the Jets. Unless the Jets O-line has improved dramatically from seasons passed, Vick will face the same relentless pressure form defenses that past QBs have.

One thing Vick has done extremely well the past couple of seasons is fail miserably when facing pressure from sack hungry and run stopping defenses. What makes anyone think that things in New York will be different? They won’t.

This is only a hunch, but my guess is that opposing defenses will not worry about Vick’s passing game. They will focus on stopping him from running the ball and will pressure on him every chance they get.

As I said, Vick has been an injury machine the past few years. That’s partly due to having very little protection and also due to Vick not being the mobile QB he once was.

The Jets are in a pickle. They don’t have a starting QB in Geno Smith that they have confidence in and there really isn’t a lot of QBs out there in the free market.

I think the Jets will end up signing Vick and that will hopefully lead to their continued absence from the playoffs.

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