Saturday, March 22, 2014

The New York Jets QB Situation? Stumble, Fumble, Tumble - Jets Sign Michael Vick

Autographed Michael Vick Picture - 16x20 Running Ball JSAI think we can sum up the New York Jets quarterback (QB) situation the last few years in the following manner: Stumble, Fumble, Tumble. Yes, the Jets have started each of the past three campaigns stumbling out of the starting blocks and then as the season progressed they have fumbled their games away and they finished the season tumbling their way out of the playoffs.

The New York Jets have signed Michael Vick to a one year five million dollar contract. This signing became inevitable once Mark "SansSqueezeEm" Sanchez was released Friday. As I stated in my Michael Vick article a couple of days ago when it looked like the Jets might go down this road, I don't like the signing. That's not to say that this anti-Jets fan isn't happy that they signed another disaster at QB, it's that I think that they've added another QB who will lead them down the same path to failure.

Michael Vick and incumbent starter Geno Smith will apparently battle for the starting job. If either of these guys get the job and fail as I think they will, an incompetent will come off the bench that they so kindly warmed up and take the field.

Vick is not as mobile as he once was and the guy has become a turnover machine like Geno Smith is and Mark Sanchez was. It baffles me that the Jets would continue to show their incompetence and lack of understanding of what it takes to be successful in the most visible and arguably the most important position in the game.

The Jets seem to fail year in and year out at QB. Just when you think things have hit rock bottom, the Jets find a way to take it down another level. The team has become the butt (pun intended) of many bloggers and sports writers jokes.

I have to admit that I have had fun the past few years making fun of the team's issues at quarterback and making fun of the incompetence that seems to pervade the organization.

I'm pretty confident that I will continue to enjoy the Jets being the fodder for more jokes with these two guys complimenting each other's hilarious play on the field. I have very little doubt that the New York Jets will still be a failure and I don't think that this signing does much to improve the Jets position at quarterback.

Time will tell if I'm too critical. Time will tell if the Jets are a playoff contender or will be a failure again in 2014.

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