Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Florida Panthers Improved Their Future Playoff Chances By Trading For Roberto Luongo

Roberto Luongo Signed Picture - 8x10 Panthers JSAThe Florida Panthers and Vancouver Canucks completed a blockbuster trade that sent Vancouver's star goaltender Roberto Luongo to the Panthers, the team he started his NHL career with. This was a shocking trade. Luongo's contract has been a thorn in trade possibilities the past couple of seasons and it was believed that the Vancouver Canucks would have to eat some of Luongo's expensive contract if they wanted to unload him.

Last season the Canucks didn't seem willing to make many concessions regarding Roberto's contract but this year was different and the Canucks made the move before the trade deadline which expires Wednesday.

Maybe this move wasn't as unexpected as I thought. Since returning from the Olympics the Canucks have treated Luongo like garbage. Now we know why. They seem to have had every intention of trading the goalie that has taken the team to the Stanley Cup Finals.

I've written many scathing articles about Luongo. I do believe he is one of the best regular season goalies and he will improve Florida's chances of making the playoffs in future years. The Panthers are receiving an almost sure bet in Luongo...as far as the regular season is concerned.

Luongo might even help the Panthers win a series or two but the chances of Luongo actually being able to handle the mental pressures of a Stanley Cup Final aren't very good.

I can now be a Luongo fan. Part of my being critical of him is that he played for the Vancouver Can'tucks. I hate that team. They are the most annoying team in the NHL. Their players make me want to puke. Any team that has the Sedin "Diving" Brothers" on its roster makes me want to hurl.

I hope that Luongo does well in Florida. I hope that the trade decreases the Canucks chances of making the playoffs.

Luongo is now a free man, released from a terrible situation with a team that treated him like horse manure and didn't appreciate what he brought to the ice every game. Luongo took the abuse and did what he could to help the Canucks win games. It's not his fault that the team has a bunch of under achievers on it.

I wish Roberto Luongo good luck in his new digs and I hope that the change of scenery is a good one for the netminder. I might be willing to turn over a new leaf and stop being as critical as I've been regarding Luongo. I guess that depends on how he plays.

Article source: ESPN.com.

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