Sunday, March 23, 2014

Stanford Cardinal Defeats the Kansas Jayhawks. The Next Stop for the Kansas Jayhawks? Lawrence Kansas

The Kansas Jayhawks will travel back to Lawrence Kansas after losing their 2nd round match to the Stanford Cardinal. The Jayhawks had a shot at the end of the game but missed a three point attempt that would have tied the game.

Credit goes to Stamford who played good defense down the stretch and made clutch plays. They shut down Canadian born Kansas player Andrew Wiggins who was rendered useless for the entire game. Wiggins had an opportunity to show that he was a big time player with Joel Embid being out due to injury.

Wiggins didn't live up to the challenge and neither did his teammates. Stanford was the better team and made less mistakes. Kansas did make mistakes down the stretch and I don't think they came close to living up to their #2 ranking.

This basketball fan is thrilled with the loss. I don't have to listen to Kansas fans talking up their team. Let's talk them down. They were a disappointment. They let down their fan base. They were putrid. Take that guys. Take that.

Kansas fans are used to their team advancing far into the tournament. Losing to Stanford must be hard to swallow.

Let's not take anything away from Stanford. They've played well in their first two games and those games weren't handed to them. Today they had to work hard against Kansas. Twice late in the second half they were up by 7 points, only to see the Jayhawks march back.

I think having a tough game like this for Stanford will be a good thing when they take on 11th ranked Dayton. Who would have thought that we would see the 10th and 11th ranked teams play in the sweet 16 and see both Syracuse and Kansas packing their bags and being sent back home?

That's where we are. I am surprised by the Kansas loss. I thought they would find a way to get the victory. Even when they were down by 7 with time running out, I thought a miracle was possible, especially after hitting two straight free throws and narrowing the lead to 2 points.

It wasn't to be for the Jayhawks. Now coach Self will have to reflect on his team's disappointing tournament and he'll have to answer to the fan base back in Lawrence.

When this tournament started we wondered if Louisville should have been a 3rd or 2nd ranked team rather than a 4th ranked team. I thought they did deserve to be at least a 3rd ranked team. I think the results of this tournament show that. Kansas at #2 was defeated by #10 Stanford. Duke ranked #3 lost in the first round of the tournament to Mercer and Syracuse lost in the second round to #11 Dayton.

Louisville is on their way to the Sweet 16 while the aforementioned teams were sent packing and will have to watch the rest of tournament from their dorm rooms.

Kansas Jayhawks

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