Monday, March 3, 2014

Roger Rules Football (RRF)

Roger Goodell Autographed Photo - 8x10 COMMISSIONER RARE PSA DNAThe NFL has become the RFF (Roger Rules Football). Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the NFL is doing his part to water down the product of the NFL. His ideas for rules changes will dramatically change the game and the NFL that is currently the most watched professional sports league in North America.

Here are some ideas the commissioner is thinking about or rules he has changed:

Modifying the way players tackle (rules changes have already been implemented)
We all know about Goodell's changes on how players can hit a quarterback and a receiver. Many of the tackles that were legal in previous generations are now illegal. For the most part the new rules are for the protection of the player and I agree with many of them but sometimes the NFL resembles a touch football game.

Protecting players is necessary especially due to players sustaining multiple concussions but some hits that a defensive player are flagged for when hitting a quarterback are ridiculous. Sure quarterbacks should be protected from illegal hits (late hits and hits to the head) but some hits that are flagged are good hits.

The last time I checked, quarterbacks were football players. Isn't it time we expected them to be treated like one?

Kickoff Returns
Roger has said that in the future kickoff returns could be eliminated. Once again this buffoon is trying to tinker with the game. He says eliminating the returns would protect players but at some point this is the game of football.

If Roger wants a totally safe game, maybe we should all watch and play Tiddleywinks. Sometimes you don't tinker with a great and popular product. Will Roger change the name to the New NFL like Coca Cola did with New Coke? We all know how that worked out.

Extra Points
A few months back Goodell mentioned that extra points or the PAT (point after touchdown) could be eliminated because of the extremely few PATs that are missed. Out of 1,267 extra points that were attempted in 2013 only 5 were missed.

So what is the idea being considered? Believe it or not Roger is considering moving the attempt back to the 42 yard line. If the NFL wants excitement why not just add the rouge like they do in the CFL? Actually I hate the rouge but the NFL wants to make the NFL some sort of modern day freak show.

Roger, the game is great the way it is. The NFL does not need a complete overhaul. I don't like this RRF at all.

Adding more playoff teams
It is likely that the NFL will add two new teams to the 2015 season. This is the one change that annoys me the most. As I've mentioned in a previous article, I think that the current playoff structure makes the game competitive and that's one of the reasons the fans love this game.

Every game means something. In a 16 game season there is very little room for losing games. It could mean your team missing the playoffs. Now the NFL wants to change another good thing and make the game less competitive and meaningful.

I think that Roger Goodell is changing this game in a negative way. The impact of some of these proposed changes might drive fans away. It's not like the League's fans are breaking down the door demanding changes, especially these ones.

Come on Roger. Start using some common sense. It really sounds like you're trying to create your own league called the RFF.

Article sources:
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Roger Goodell

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