Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rick Pitino Has Lost His Marbles - If Only Temporarily

Rick Pitino Autographed Photograph - 8x10 2x National Champion 2013 Hall of FamerLouisville Cardinals head basketball coach Rick Pitino lost his mind on Thursday by sounding off against the NCAA. What is Rick mad about? He's mad at his team's match-up against arch rival Manhattan Jaspers. Arch Rival? OK, I'm kidding but Rick sure seems to think so.

At a NCAA Basketball Tournament press conference Pitino expressed his displeasure about playing the 13th ranked Jaspers. Louisville is ranked 4th. Jasper's coach Steve Masiello used to be an assistant of Pitino's. That's why he's upset. He doesn't want to play against his friend. I think he doesn't feel good that his team will crush the Jaspers.

Rick Pition likened this match-up to a fictional first round match-up between the Duke Blue Devils and North Carolina State Tar Heels. He said the NCAA would never have that match-up in the first round of arch rivals.

Seriously Rick? This guy isn't serious that he's comparing the Jaspers/Cardinals match-up to a Duke/North Carolina match-up is he? I think he might be but he's lost his mind, temporarily that is.

The Duke/North Carolina rivalry is well known and it's real. The schools both have been successful and they are in close proximity to each other which makes the rivalry real. That can't be said about the Cardinals and Jaspers.

Pitino is a great coach. He's proven that but his comments today made him look like an imbecile and moron. Just because he is facing a former assistant doesn't mean that the NCAA has to shy away from that match-up. It's an intriguing match-up. Big school coach Rick Pitino playing against big underdog Louisville, with both coaches liking each other.

I'm sure Masiello doesn't mind the match-up and would love to upset his mentor.

Sure it might be uncomfortable after the game if Louisville defeats the Jaspers by 30 or 40 points but that's basketball, isn't it?

I'm sure you can find a number of games where coaches from opposing teams have some sort of connection to each other. Should the NCAA make sure that these teams don't play each other in the first round?

Of course not. Thinking that way is ridiculous. Pitino should keep his pie hole shut if he doesn't have anything smart to say. To criticize the NCAA in this manner is unfair and shows that he had a momentary lapse of judgment and clarity.

There's a lot we can criticize the NCAA for but this isn't one of those things. It should be a non-issue. There should have been no discussion about the unfairness of this match-up.

I like Rick Pitino but I think I'm going to cheer for the underdog tonight. I would love to see what Pitino would say after a loss to an inferior opponent. I'm sure it would be hilarious.

Rick should focus on tonight's game and not some non-existent issue.

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