Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Praying for Jim Kelly

It's not often that I write a very serious article. My pieces are usually light hearted attempts at opining about the latest events in sports. Today is different. Today I reach out to everyone that reads this article and ask them to pray with me for the full recover of former Buffalo Bills quarterback Jim Kelly whose oral cancer reappeared in mid-March.

Jim and his wife have been model citizens. They are sincere people who deserve our prayers. These people never complain or say "why me...why us". They continue the march through life with a positive and infectious attitude.

The Kelly's have endured heartbreak. They lost their son Hunter in 2005.

It doesn't matter what religion you are or if you have a religion, please pray for Jim.

Jim was scheduled to have surgery to remove the recurrence of his cancer but doctors have advised against surgery, since the cancer is in places where surgery can't "successfully eradicate". Kelly's treatment will inlclude chemotherapy and radiation.

It's terrible that this aggressive cancer can't be surgically removed. That means Jim's fight will be that much tougher.

Thankfully I've never had cancer but have had family members who have. Chemotherapy is brutal. It's terrible.

As mentioned above, Jim has always had a positive attitude. When his Buffalo Bill lost four straight Super Bowls, you didn't hear him whine and complain. When his son passed away, Jim and his wife started a foundation in his honor (helping other kids). They never complained and now you don't hear the family complain and whine either.

They are fighting the good fight and hopefully they will have a success when all is said and done.

My heart goes out to the Kelly family, the Buffalo Bills organization and Buffalo Bills fans. The organization has endured so much this week (the passing of owner Ralph Wilson and now this terrible news about Jim Kelly).

Once again, please pray for Jim Kelly.

Article sources:
Chicago Tribune

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