Monday, March 24, 2014

Philadelphia Eagles to sign Mark Sanchez - Will be Flying With One Wing

Mark Sanchez Autographed Picture - 8x10The Philadelphia Eagles are expected to sign the "Butt Fumbler" Mark Sanchez. Mark Sanchez has been putrid in the past two of seasons that he took the field and was dumped by the New York Jets last Friday. If you're a quarterback (QB) in the NFL and can't hack it with the Jets, you know that you have some issues.

With Michael Vick signing with the Jets on the very same day that Sanchez was axed, the Eagles were in need of a backup QB and Sanchez was more than available. I know that some readers will think that this is a good signing and a can't lose opportunity for the Eagles. They do have Nick Foles after all.

Nick Foles did have a good season in 2013 and will be the starter in week one of the 2014 season. The issue I have is that you still want a credible QB as a backup. Sanchez gives the Eagles almost no opportunity to win if he has to come off the bench in relief of Foles.

Am I being too hard on Sanchez? I don't think so. Mark's body of work speaks for itself. The guy has been on a downward spiral and his tail spin doesn't seem like it has an end in sight. Why would the Eagles want a turnover machine as their QB? You would think they wouldn't.

Why would the Eagles want New York's sloppy seconds? I'm not sure.

Sanchez is still healing from a shoulder injury that kept him off the field in 2013. I personally don't think his arm strength will be that good and unlike a future Hall of Famer like Peyton Manning, I don't think that Sanchez would be able to compensate for a shoulder that isn't 100% (assuming it isn't).

Of course I'm not a doctor so I might be off base with my last comment. I just don't think that Sanchez is a good fit for the eagles. Assuming they want to be a winner.

I think that Sanchez should have been signed by Cleveland. If he sucked there it wouldn't matter much as the Browns have set the bar pretty low and don't expect to make the playoffs. Sanchez would have very little pressure to win games over there.

Chances are that Sanchez will only be warning up the benches on the sidelines. He probably won't see any action in 2014 but if he has to, the Eagles will be in big trouble, especially if the Eagles are in a position to make the playoffs.

If that scenario plays out, Eagles fans can expect the Eagles to underachieve with Sanchez and miss the playoffs.

Sure, the Eagles only expect Sanchez to be backup, so the expectations for him aren't that great. I take another approach. I want my team's backup QBs to have the ability to win games when called upon. Sure a team's backup isn't going to be a superstar but they should be reliable. Sanchez is not a reliable QB. That's just this man's opinion.

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