Saturday, March 1, 2014

Newcastle Manager Alan Pardew Headbutts Player During Game

During a Premiere League match against Hull City, Newcastle Manager Alan Pardew headbutted a Newcastle player. The player, David Meyler was trying a throw in. Pardew was in his way so he pushed the manager out of his way. Pardew didn't like that so he decided to headbutt Meyler.

Pardew was immediately ejected from the field and faces a possible suspension.

This is unacceptable for a manager. Managers are supposed to lead by example. When they act like bums, thugs and bullies they need to be put in their place. An example needs to be made of this disgusting behavior. Nothing less than being suspended for the remainder of this season and all of next season would be appropriate in my opinion.

I don't think that the Premiere League will go that far. Who knows, maybe they will surprise me. I'm sure that Meyler's superiors have talked with their manager. I sure hope they did. I think his conduct is so egregious that it warrants being fired.

If I ran a professional sports team I wouldn't want my coach or manager to act in the manner that Meyler did. I think that it embarrasses his team and reflects poorly on his employers. At the very least it shows that Meyler has a lack of judgment and at the most it shows that he has serious anger management issues and is unable to control his emotions.

If Meyler wanted some attention for himself and his club he sure got it but unfortunately for his team and the team's fans the attention is not the kind that they would have wished for. I hope that Meyler has managed his last game with the team.

We've all read and heard about professional athletes losing their cool and doing stupid things. It seems to happen more and more these days. When players act like thugs or imbeciles the sporting world reacts negatively and calls for the player's punishment.

I believe that when the person committing terrible acts on the field is a manger a strong message needs to be sent that this type of behavior will not be tolerated and is unacceptable at any level of sports competition.

I look forward to seeing what type of punishment the Premier League doles out.

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