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Minnesota Vikings Throw Away Money by Signing Everson Griffen to Ridiculous Contract

Signed Everson Griffen Photo - Minnesota Vikings 8x10The Minnesota Vikings must be swimming in money and can make absurd signings. That's false. The Vikings need to improve dramatically on both sides of the ball, so why did they sign a mediocre defensive player to a ridiculous contract? Because this organization is clueless and they have a GM that makes boneheaded moves.

The Minnesota Vikings re-signed Everson Griffen to a five year 42 million dollar contract. The guy hasn't materialized into a dominant player that would command this type of contract. The Vikings could have used this money to sign a good player but instead they decided to throw money away at an unproven player.

You'd think the Vikings would give this type of money to a guy who plays every game and one that is a game changer. In my opinion Everson Griffin doesn't fit that bill.

I'm not sure how much input head coach Mike Zimmer had with this signing but if he fully supported the signing (and the amount of money it would cost to sign Griffen)) then I have lost some respect for the guy.

The Vikings have lots of holes to fill and they have to make smart decisions and signings. This move shows me that this organization has a lack of clarity and understanding and it starts from the very top and flows down to the very bottom.

Rick Speilman is a joke. The guy should have been fired after last season, especially after the Ponder debacle. Even after it had been painfully clear that Ponder wasn't worthy of taking the field again for this team, he still backed the hack as recently as last week.

Maybe Ponder does fit in well with this team. Almost every player is a complete and utter failure. Sure they have a few good players but the rest of the roster is a disaster. So Ponder does fit in well.

After Mike Zimmer was hired and then they hired Norv Turner as the team's offensive coordinator I thought that the Vikings had finally smartened up. I'm starting to think that Vikings fans were lulled into another false sense that good times were coming.

Is it the water that they drink at Winter Park? Does the water turn otherwise smart men into babbling idiots? It sure looks that way.

Just a few weeks ago I had written how optimistic I was about next season. Now I think we're in for more of the same garbage that we've witnessed for years.

I'm not upset that they signed Griffen. I'm upset about the amount of money they're giving him. The guy is making the type of money that good players command.

The Vikings need to sign good players that will help them win games. They need every penny they have to sign good players. This move is inexplicable and makes the team look like they're run by amateurs.

Maybe I should stop getting so worked up and expect that this team will be a perennial joke. This team sure isn't serious about making the right moves and signings. Now more than ever it's time for the Vikings to fire Spielman and hire a good GM and one that can help build the team into a winner.

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  1. His mom agrees it is a great contract and you are wrong

  2. His mom agrees it is a great contract.

  3. I've never been to, nor heard of, this site before stumbling upon this article(?), so I'm not familiar with the common writing format used..
    But this entire piece was a joke, right? You were mocking internet trolls and biased team homers by imitating them with this uninformed, nonsensical rant, in which you simply stated your baseless opinions over and over again...right?
    Or, this was sadly written with a straight face... In which case, Anthony B, better luck next time, slugger..

    1. NP, I disagree with you regarding Anthony's post. He does not hold himself out to be a journalist. He is a blogger with an opinion and he is giving us all something to 'Ponder'(pun intended). I have enjoyed reading his 'rants' on many topics i don't always agree with him but he does give me food for thought.
      I am not sure what you are looking for but to be this critical about someone who obviously wears his heart on his sleeve in baseless and nonsensical.

    2. Bomber Blue I appreciate your comment. As you know from reading this Blog, i appreciate the debate that sometimes occurs. You are right. I don't call myself a journalist because i'm not one. I am a sports fan who loves to opine. Yes, this is an opinion site and not not an analytical review site.

  4. Please note: Any comments calling anyone an "idiot" will NOT be posted. We love and encourage heated debates but being disrespectful and derogatory will not be tolerated.

    With that said, this morning on KFAN both Paul Allen and a former Vikings player (you can figure who that is) didn't think that Griffen is well suited for the role that will be asked of him.

    1. So wait a second, it's OK for you to be disrespectful and derogatory to Griffen, Spielman and Zimmer, but if someone happens to call you an idiot you delete the comment? Griffen is an athletic freak who has been stuck behind a $17 million dollar player who had upwards of 20 sacks not so long ago and still has averaged 6 sacks a year. With the amount of snaps he plays likely doubling(at least) he will be well into double digit sacks, and for that kind of production 8.5 mil a year is a bargain.

    2. This is why my comment was never posted. The good old double it. Still do not believe you justified why this was so bad. But that is fine, I will be ok at night knowing you can say what you like, while sensoring those you do not. Got it.

    3. Well, what is a good word to replace idiot?

    4. grumpyrod, if I was censoring this blog most of the comments would be deleted just because I couldn't take any criticism which is clearly not the case.

      Why was the comment deleted? The site has a comment policy about name calling. The intent is to allow for debates (even heated) without insulting another reader.

      I want readers to be able to comment without other readers using profanity or insults. I don't really care if you call me an idiot but a policy is a policy and I will stick to it.

  5. Griffen has never been given the opportunity to be an every game starter and master a position yet he has succeeded at every position in which he was asked to fill (with the possible exception of lb). Given the fact that he finally has what is expected to be great coaches and a major vote of confidence from them, I expect him to excell.
    Regarding his contract, just apply some simple math. Assuming he is half the DE Jared Allen is, and I think he is better than that, he got half the contract. Other options such as Michael Johnson, MAY be better but certainly would have cost about 50% more. That makes signing any top tier CB less likely as they are expected to command 12 mil or more per year. There are also a number of options in the draft in both positions that will have time to develop into starters as a result of these early signing.
    You do realize this article everything jyst short of using the word idiot to describe Vikings management. Try some analysis and reason to validate your arguement.

    1. It's one thing to disagree with Spielman, to think Ponder is not a good QB and to disagree with the amount of money they are paying Griffen but it's quite another to say I fell short of calling them idiots. I didn't come close to that.

      I didn't even say that they shouldn't have signed Griffen. This is what I said "I'm not upset that they signed Griffen. I'm upset about the amount of money they're giving him."

      So I guess you know more than Ben Leber and Paul Allen. Maybe you should play for the Vikings and also be the game announcer for the Vikes.

    2. People can be wrong all the time, Referring to your Leber/PA comment. The talking heads of sports are wrong more than they are right, no matter how great their NFL connections.

      All you did in this article was say that the Vikings need "good" things. Over and over you stated that we need "good" players. We need a "good" GM. Be more specific. Where are these good players? What makes a good player? What makes Everson Griffen a bad player?

      What makes him a mediocre player? Why is his contract ridiculous? You made a statement, or bold statements. Back up your statements. Defend your statements. Only hindsight knows which side of the argument is right. You attacked the GM and you think less of the coach if he gave input on the signing. You can have that opinion, but back it up.

      He has started ONE game, give him a chance before you tear the guy down. He has played out of position and in a very limited basis. Also, wait until you see the landscape of a 133 million dollar salary cap. I don't think 8.5 million/yr is going to be the pay for ELITE players.

    3. Why you no answer me question??

    4. It's too high a price to pay a guy that is a sack first player and not suited to stopping the run. Today's signing of Linval Johnson filled the need. I'm not the only one. Former player Ben Lieber and both Paul Allen and Dan Barreiro say the same things.

      It wasn't bad to sign him. It was bad to sign him for that price. He hasn't proven he can do that and be an every down player.

      If you like this article read today's piece. You'll love it :)

    5. No thank you. Actually Everson Griffen has positive grades for run blocking.

  6. Let's see,
    You said the management is clueless, Speilman is a joke, you've lost respect for Zimmer, almost every player is a failure and I quote:
    "Is it the water that they drink at Winter Park? Does the water turn otherwise smart men into babbling idiots? It sure looks that way."
    So yeah, just short of calling them idiots.
    All I did was express my opinion and back it with facts and logic. Paul Allen and Ben Leber are entitled to their opinions but last I checked neither of them are in Vikings management either.
    You're entitled to you're opinion as well. Just back it up with logic and reason. If you don't know how to debate or choose not to perhaps you shouldn't have started it in the first place.

    1. That quote was a joke. If you read that comment literally I'm also calling them smart "otherwise smart men" :)

  7. I think he's worth the risk of paying him that much. He's got a lot of potential and zimmer is a defensive guru. I'd be disappointed if he was beast elsewhere and then we would wonder why we didn't keep him.

    1. You might be on to something about him doign well elsewhere. It's like a Catch 22. He will be a disaster here but would have won 3 Super Bowls elsewhere :)

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