Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Minnesota Vikings Sign Linval Joseph - Fill a Need on Defense

Linval Joseph New York Giants Sublimated 10.5'' x 13'' PlaqueMinnesota Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer wants to focus on stopping the run when it comes to improving the team's defense which was one of the worst ranked units in the NFL in 2013. The Vikings used to be the envy of the NFL when it came to stopping the run. In recent memory, the Vikings have been manhandled by opposing teams rushing games.

Today the Minnesota Vikings took a step in the right direction by signing former New York Giants Defensive Tackle Linval Joseph to a five year 31.5 million dollar contract. Linval Joseph was a consistent tackle with the Giants and I believe that he fills a need that the Vikings had to fill.

Unlike the signing of Everson Griffen, the Vikings didn't pay more than Linval was worth. It was a good hire at a reasonable price for a guy that has already proven that he can help a defense stop the run.

Yesterday I took a lot of criticism for my article criticizing the signing of Everson Griffen. I wasn't upset with the signing in of itself but the price that the Vikings paid for an unproven and inconsistent player.

Yesterday on KFAN both Paul Allen and Ben Lieber thought that Griffen isn't suited for the position that the Vikings will want him to play. Today KFAN's Dan Barreiro echoed their thoughts and my thoughts.

Before I digress and go on a diatribe and rant against the Griffen signing, let me state again that I'm excited about the signing of Linval Joseph. In the last three seasons Joseph averaged 33 tackles per season. Everson Griffen on the other hand took nose dive last year by recording 18 tackles (down from 23 in 2012).

So not only does it seem like Joseph is better against the run compared to Griffen but he was cheaper than his new teammate. This looks like a really good signing. If only we could take back how much we paid Griffen.

I know many of my readers will criticize me for my continued criticism of Griffen and his signing but I calling it the way I see it. After all, it is Mike Zimmer who says that it will be stop the run first and then get some sacks. Griffen is better suited for a sack the QB first then stop the run type of scheme.

At least I'm being positive about the Joseph signing.

You see Vikings fans; I can give praise to the Vikings for making good moves.

Let's recap: I was happy with the Mike Zimmer and Norv Turner hires. I was happy with the Matt Cassell hire and now I'm happy with the Linval Joseph signing. I think that shows that I've praised the team quite a bit, so it's fair game for me to criticize the team when I think they made a huge mistake by signing a player like Griffen to a ridiculous contract.

I do hope that both signings (Griffen and Joseph) work out well for the Vikings. I will repeat myself once again by saying that I feel that the Joseph signing was a better signing and will work out better than the Griffen deal.

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Linval Joseph

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