Friday, March 21, 2014

Mercer Upsets and Shock the Duke Blue Devils in the First Round of the NCAA Basketball Tournament

Autographed Mike Krzyzewski Photograph - 8x10 COACH K Pro College Hall of Fame CoachThe Duke Blue Devils are seeing blue today as they were upset in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Duke came into the tournament as a 13th seed while Mercer was ranked 14th. While first round upsets are common, it is extremely rare for a 14th seed to knock off an opponent on the first round.

First round games are often tough for highly ranked teams. It takes a game to get the feel for things and I’m sure Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski was hoping that his team would find a way to win this game and put a poor first round behind them. Instead this loss will go down as one his worst moments of his coaching career. Mike has had success at the tournament but this year he will not have the pleasure of being courtside to watch the rest of the tournament.

I can’t imagine how upset Mike is right now. While some people love to route against Duke, I’m not one of them. Coach K has built a winner and the guy seems to have good values. He values and education and encourages his players to end their college career with a degree.

So, I’m upset with the loss. I won’t have the pleasure of seeing how far Duke can go in the tournament. One and done is a major disappointment to Duke and their coach.

The only question that remains for coach K is will he leave Duke for the pros or will he come back for another year to try and wipe this bitter taste from his mouth?
BR<> Mike K has been a huge success for Duke, guiding the team to multiple championships as well as seeing success year in and year out at the tournament.

I think the road at Duke has hit a dead end. I think he will take the money and try his luck at the NBA. NBA coaches aren’t a lock for success in the pro game but I believe that coach K will be an upgrade for many teams in the NBA.

I wonder if he would give the Los Angeles Lakers a shot. I would love the Lakers to give Mike D’Antoni the boot in favor of Kryzewski. At least there would be potential for the Lakers in the future. They would have a guy that is used to evaluating talent. Recruiting is a huge part of being a head coach in the NCAA.

I think that Mike would be able to provide some much needed insight about how to make the Lakers a successful team. I think it is wishful thinking to believe Mike K would contemplate coaching the Laughers. They are run by a bunch of clowns and I’m sure he will stay as far away from the Buss’s and Mitch Kupchak as possible.

Before I steer this ship too far of course let me say that I’m surprised at the team’s loss. To be honest this didn’t hit my upsets picks radar. Whoever took mercer to beat Duke probably has one hell of a bracket.

I hope that coach K does give the pro thing a try. I would love for him to be successful in the NBA.

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