Friday, March 7, 2014

Matt Cassell is a Better Choice than Ponder but He's Only a Temporary Solution

The Minnesota Vikings took a step towards having quarterback stability as reports indicate that Matt Cassell will sign a two year deal. The deal is reportedly worth 10 million dollars. While that does provide the Vikings with some stability at the position he's only a temporary solution to the Vikings quarterback (QB) woes.

Cassell is at the tail end of his career, so the Vikings will need to find a long-term QB soon. If the Vikings are smart they will look for a quarterback in the 2014 NFL draft. If they do draft a QB, they will have time to groom the young QB. Cassell will surely help a young QB to grow into the starting role when he retires.

While Ponder does seem to be the backup QB for now that could change if the Vikings do indeed find a QB to draft this year. If they find the right guy that they believe will have a future in this league, Ponder will be toast.

I sure hope that Cassell will be consistent and remain injury free so that we don't have to see Ponder take another snap from center again (while he is a Minnesota Viking).

I would love to see Rick Spielman trade Ponder. Spielman does say that Ponder has potential. Hey Rick, is your phone ringing off the hook for inquiries by other NFL teams for Ponder's services? I think I know the answer to that question.

Hey Rick, Ponder's resume speaks for itself and it isn't good.

Now that Matt Cassell will be the Vikings QB, let's hope that that puts an end to Miachel Vick rumors and suggestions that the Vikings are interested in him. Hopefully cooler heads have prevailed and the Vikings realize that Michael Vick would be a disaster for this club.

I'm happy that the Vikings will go into next season with a credible option at QB. I also hope that the Vikings look to their future at the QB position. It's time that the Vikings use the draft to find the right QB.

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