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Kobe Bryant is Fed Up With Los Angeles Lakers Executives

KOBE BRYANT Signed "Epic" 16 x 20 Photograph LE 24 PANINIKobe Bryant has finally had enough with the garbage being exhibited by Los Angeles Lakers executives. Kobe criticized Jim Buss and his sister Jeanie Buss who have been running the team since their father Jerry Buss died last year. It's clear that Kobe thinks they are doing a terrible job and it also seems clear that he's not a big fan of Head Coach Mike D'Antoni. I agree with Kobe.

When Jim Buss snubbed former Lakers coach Phil Jackson in November of 2012, I was upset and I wrote about it. I criticized Jim Buss and probably called him a bunch of names. I probably also called him clueless. He is clueless.

I wasn't happy that Jim Buss hired Mike D'Antoni. Before D'Antoni even entered the court I wrote about my displeasure of his signing and believed he would be a big failure and he has been. He has to be the worst coach in the team's history.

Why was I so critical of D'Antoni? I believed that he was the type of coach that would sacrifice defense for scoring and that is exactly what has happened. While the Lakers were a good scoring team in his first year their defense was one of the worst and that has continued in his second seasons as head ciach.

The Lakers have failed to look like anything that resembles a team. If Jim Buss had a clue he would fire D'Antioni right now and try to steal Phil Jackson away from the Knicks. It looks like Jackson will be joining the Knicks as an executive who will run the team.

My guess is that he would look the other way if Jim Buss did come calling. Jim treated Phil Jackson, a legend and beloved Lakers coach like horse manure. Fans like me were livid and I still haven't forgiven the Lakers for how they treated a man who did nothing to deserve Jim Buss's snub and rudeness.

I'm not going to say I'm happy I told you so because that means I would be happy that the Lakers have been a failure, an embarrassment and a disaster on the court.

Some people might be upset that Kobe is voicing his displeasure of Lakers management in public. Let's be honest, Kobe is the leader of the players on the team and he has a right to tell Lakers fans how he feels. I believe he's earned that right. Besides, I don't disagree with anything he said.

I think that the Lakers should hire someone who has a clue about basketball and the NBA to run this team properly. They should also part ways with D'Antoni. Until they do these things the Lakers will continue to be a joke and a failure.

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Kobe Bryant

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  1. FIrst Jerry West leaves, with nearly all important questions unanswered.
    Now Phil Jackson.

    This article misplaces the blame. It was DR. Jerry Buss who wanted Phil out.

    I wonder if a book will ever out the Buss family politics and explain why Jerry and now Phil were forced out.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Bottom line D'Antoni must be fired. It's sad we didn't get another crack at Phil and the blame for that falls on Jim.

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