Monday, March 17, 2014

Jim Irsay Arrested for DUI – Could Face Four Felony Charges

Indianapolis Colts owner JimIrsay has been arrested for DUI and could face being charged with four felonies. Police reportedly also found a controlled substance in his car. Jim has had prior issues with pain killer and alcohol addiction and it seems to have reared its ugly head again.

The Colts released a statement that they are waiting for the facts to be gathered.

Opinion Jim Irsay’s irrational and negative comments directed at former Colts quarterback (QB) Peyton Manning seem to make sense now. Maybe Irsay was high on something when he acted like a complete ingrate and numskull by insulting one of the greatest QBs ever to play in the NFL.

If Jimmy is indeed guilty, he should be sentenced to jail and forced to enter into a drug and alcohol treatment facility.

Why do I think that Jimmy deserves jail time? I’m against drinking and driving. He could have injured or killed someone and since he’s an owner of an NFL team, he should be leading by example.

I’m not treating Jim any differently than players who break the law. These guys have enough money and resources at their disposal to find an alternative to drinking and driving.

Maybe it’s a good thing this guy was caught. Had he hired a cab or asked a friend to drive him home, his drug and alcohol addictions might have gone unnoticed. Now Irsay might be forced to face his problems head on. Only time will tell if that is indeed the case.

If the NFL disciplines players for drug related offenses and fines them for conduct detrimental to the league, why shouldn’t owners receive repercussions for their poor behavior and judgment as well.
At the very least Irsay should take some time off to address his issues. If he was smart he would enter into a drug and alcohol facility immediately. That would not only help him with his disease but a judge might look positively at Irsay if he did that.

My guess is that Irsay will get off with a slap on the wrist, especially if this is his first brush with the law. Jim didn’t injure anyone and I think it might be difficult for a judge to sentence him to jail. Probation and or being forced to enter into a drug treatment facility are more likely.
Jim has a lot of soul searching to do. Reportedly, recently Irsay claimed that he has not been drinking or taking drugs. That is obviously not the truth. Now he’s back to square one with his addiction(s). The only way for him to beat this thing is be truthful with himself and admit he has a problem.

Now I can refrain from lambasting and ridiculing Jim Irsay for acting like a moron and insulting Manning. I now have a good idea why he said the things he did. I believe he was as high as a kite when he acted like an idiot.

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