Thursday, February 13, 2014

What The Heck Was Ed Reed Doing With $50,000 In His Car?

Ed Reed reported to Houston police today that he had $50,000 stolen from his car. Ed Reed reportedly was going from bank to bank and police believe that Reed was followed. I have one question. What was Ed Reed doing carrying around $50,000?

I'm sure Mr. Reed has a good reason for carrying that amount of cash around. I'm just not sure what it is. The only things that come to mind are of the unsavory kinds and I think that it can't be the case here.

Reed earns millions playing in the NFL, so he's not cash strapped. He doesn't have to take part in unsavory acts.

Ed Reed should be made aware of number things. The first is that there is technology that allows people to transfer money into their bank accounts without leaving their homes. It's pretty easy these days for guys that have piles of cash sitting around to do something else with their money.

The second thing that Ed Reed should be made aware of is that he could have hired a guard for protection. It seems crazy to be carrying that amount of cash around and not fearing for one's safety.

The third thing that Ed Reed should be made aware of is that he doesn't need to carry around that amount of cash these days. There are things called debit and credit cards. He can use those cards at almost every business establishment in the country.

Ed Reed should be more careful.Carrying $50,000 around is not safe at all. That should be obvious. If Reed absolutely had to carry that amount of cash around he should have taken precautions to safeguard that money.

The police will continue to investigate this crime and I'm sure they will find out who committed this crime and why Ed Reed was carrying around $50,000. It might not be my business but I do want to know what he was doing with the cash.

If Reed learns anything from this incident it's that he needs to be more careful. He needs to take precautions when he's carrying around his valuables in public. Maybe he shouldn't be carrying around so much money.

I wonder what Ed's teammates think about him carrying this amount of cash around. Maybe this is normal behavior for NFL players. Then again maybe it's only the norm for a few guys.

Ed Reed

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