Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Seattle Seahawks Likely to Cut Rice

Signed Sidney Rice Photo - * * 8X10 COA BSeattle Seahawks receiver Sidney Rice is likely to be cut. Rice will be cut to make cap room so that the Seahawks can re-sign other players on the team. Rice has been injury prone and didn't play many downs in 2014. So his 8.5 million dollar contract is hefty.

Rice seems to get injured every two to three plays. He's great when he's in the game. He makes game changing plays when he's in the game. The key here is when. When, when and when.

So where does Mr. Rice go from here? I would think that if Sidney wants to take a big pay cut, he might be able to stay with the Seahawks but Mr. Rice has a huge ego and is unlikely to take a major cut in pay. Mr. Rice thinks he's the greatest.

Rice could be one of the greatest players if he played a full season and earned his keep. Rice is one of those injury prone players who think his worth is greater than his actual value.

Then again, Rice will say he played a major role in his team's victory by scoring a TD in what he would say was a game changing play. It was a great play but the Seahawks would have won the game without Rice. They proved that and they proved that by winning games without Rice in the lineup.

Rice was injury prone as a Minnesota Vikings player. He has been injury prone as a Seahawk and I believe he will be injury prone no matter where he plays.

So back to the question of where will Rice go from here? My guess is that he will have to take some sort of cut to get an offer from another team. Other teams are unlikely to take a major risk on Rice. Rice will realize that he will need to take a cut to make another team's roster and will likely have to sign an incentive based contract.

For a guy that makes big plays when he's in the lineup that might be a good thing for a team that signs Rice. Rice will have to try and stay on the field and not off it in order to earn every dollar that he can.

In my humble opinion, Rice is like peanut brittle. One bite (hit) and the whole thing could crumble into pieces. The risk/reward for Rice is too high and if I was a GM I would put my money elsewhere and on another player.

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