Friday, February 7, 2014

The Light Bulb Has Finally Gone Off For Alex Rodriguez

Autographed Alex Rodriguez Photograph - Steiner Color UnframedIt might have taken Alex Rodriguez longer than the average bear for the light bulb to go off in his tiny little head but it did. So what did Alex realize and what did he do? Alex realized that his fight against Major League Baseball (MLB), Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) and Bud Selig to overturn his suspension was a costly and losing battle.

So Alex Rodriguez decided to drop his lawsuit. There are sources who say that Rodriguez didn't want to pay the estimated 10 million dollars to fight his suspension and that he wanted to repair relations with MLB so he could have a career within baseball after his playing days are over.

Sources also say that Roid reached out to MLB to try and start the reparation process. Good luck with that Roid. You don't deserve anyone's sympathy or goodwill.

I guess Aroid realized that suing MLB and MLBPA wasn't earning him any goodwill. Alex has lost a lot during his fight against the baseball. He lost his arbitration which means his yearlong suspension will cost him about 25 million dollars. He's lost the respect that some players and fans might have had. People are disgusted by Rodriguez.

Alex would have been a lot better had he accepted MLB's ban months ago. He could have salvaged some self-respect and honor but the clown decided that he was above the game and he didn't want to accept any responsibility for his alleged ties to Biogenesis.

I believe Alex damaged his long-term baseball career outside of baseball. I think the average bear is smart enough to realize that Rodriguez didn't drop his lawsuit for noble and honorable reasons. He dropped the lawsuit because he was in a lose lose situation.

Alex Rodriguez lashed out at Bud Selig and MLB when his suspension was first handed out. Now the guy is trying to crawl his way in to the sympathy of MLB's hierarchy and trying to repair the damage that he's done to his reputation and  future employment possibilities in the game of baseball.

I sure hope the powers to be aren't fooled by this clown. I hope that Alex Rodriguez pays a big price for his decision to fight his ban for cheating and not accepting responsibility for his actions. I hope he pays a big price for damaging the game and smearing baseball.

I hope he pays a big price for being a spoiled brat who refused to do the decent thing and that's admitting his role in the Biogenesis debacle.

America is a forgiving country and would have forgiven Rodriguez had he come clean and not waged war on the game. Now many fans think he's a creep and unlikable person.

When I see a picture of Alex I see loser written all over it. I see the word cheat written all over it and I see the word disgusting written all over it.

Now I hope Roid goes away. I know we'll see him taking the field in two years but I hope he just stays away from the public eye and retreats into seclusion where he belongs.

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Alex Roodriguez Drops Lawsuit

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