Saturday, February 15, 2014

Team USA is the Team to Beat in Sochi - USA Beats Russia in Shootout

Team USA beat Russia in Sochi on Saturday in what was the tournament's first marquee game. The USA won on the stick of T.J. Oshie who scored on 4 out of his 6 chances in the shootout. Oshie's incredible performance in the shootout is one of the best performances in the history of the shootout in Olympic competition.

I don't like the shootout in the Olympics. I think it's a bogus and lame way to end a classic game but the USA won fair and square. They were deserved the victory and it was awesome to see them beat the Russians at home.

Call me mean but it was nice to see the Russian fans having to leave the arena after spending their hard earned Rubles and coming away with nothing to show for it.

After this victory I believe that Team USA is the favorite to win the gold medal. Yes, Canada is one of the favorites but I believe that the Russians came into the games as the favorites to win on home soil. The Russians will still get their shot at the winning it all but Team USA showed the world that the mighty Russians can be beat at home.

I'm cheering for Team Canada all the way but Team USA has the one intangible that I think is huge. It's their heart and soul that defines this team. Canada has some of that and I think they are arguably the most talented team in the World but they have an attitude that might hold them back from winning this Gold Medal.

What attitude is that? It's the belief that they can win by talent alone. The game against Norway showed how their attitude and arrogance almost cost them the game. It's the type of attitude that America's basketball team had on a couple of occasions.

Team USA on the other hand came flying out of the gate. They work hard and fight for every goal they can get. They don't let up and they don't seem to be arrogant. They know that if they are going to win the gold medal at these Olympics that talent alone won't get it done. Heart and determination will.

Don't get me wrong, Canada showed similar heart and soul in Vancouver. They won with the weight of the world on their backs. Canada will gain that as the tournament goes on but Olympics after Olympics Team Canada comes out flat in the first game or two.

Team USA doesn't seem to do that. They know that every goal matters. Every victory matters. Team USA is on their way and it looks very promising that the team will be on the podium when all is said and done.

Will it be the gold medal? I think that Team USA has as good a shot as any other team in this tournament. They will need to get some breaks like they did today (Russia's third goal was disallowed).

While I'm a Canadian hockey fanatic and want to see my team win it all (or it will be a failure for my team), I don't want to see any other team win but Team USA. I do believe that it's us against the World and I hope that it's Team Canada and Team USA finishing at the top.

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