Friday, February 21, 2014

Team USA Does Not Get Revenge Against Team Canada

Autographed Sidney Crosby Jersey - 2014 Team Canada Olympic Sochi Licensed Exact ProofTeam Canada defeated Team USA 1-0 in today's Semi-Final match-up at the Olympics. 1-0 does not even begin to describe Canada's complete and utter domination of the Americans. If it weren't for the great goaltending by Jonathan Quick, Canada would have won 5, 6 or even 7 to zero.

Team Canada kept pouring on the pressure and they piled on and on. The Canucks defense was excellent. They didn't give Team USA much room to create chances, especially in the third period. It was all Canada in the final frame.

Team Canada controlled the play for the entire third period and didn't let up. This was the best game of the tournament for the Canadians. I didn't think that Team Canada could magically find the chemistry that it needed to play for gold.

While I still think Sweden will win, Team Canada had everything going right for them today. They played like a team. They looked like a team that had great chemistry and had been playing for years together.

My friends (actually foes) who think that I know jack due to my last article, I have this ton say. I did my job and it worked. Yes BABY it worked.

When I say that I think Sweden will win, I'm not doing the same thing as in the previous article. I'm a little surprised that the Americans didn't mount more of an offense but Team Canadeh deserves all the credit. They shut down Team USA.

It's awesome that the Americans didn't get their revenge. Had they, NBC and America's media would have been gloating, even though Canada had dominated the game for the past 20 years.

The Americans were not the powerful scoring machine than I thought they would be. Canada was just too strong today.

Jamie Benn was on fire tonight and scored Canada's lone goal on a Jay Bouwmeester redirect. Benn had a strong game today but my star of the game is Carey Price.

I didn't know what we were going to get with Price today. He faced his toughest competition and he was sensational. He was in control and not only made good saves but controlled the puck without giving up dangerous rebounds.

I'm proud of Team Canada. They finally played their game and it was a joy to see.

Team Canada Defeats Team USA

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