Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Team Canada Unlikely to Win Olympic Gold in Men's Hockey

Marc-Edouard Vlasic Autographed Puck - Team Canada #1Team Canada has won all four of its games in Sochi but the team has struggled offensively. Team Canada has relied on goals from their defensemen. If we looked back at the 2002 and 2010 Olympics we would see Canadian teams that weren't only talented and were able to score but they took the body. That is, they body checked and played rough when they had to.

Team Canada seems to have thrown their brand of hockey out the window for a pretty style of hockey. Gone are the days when Team Canada would use their strength and muscle to dominate their opponents. Team Canada was able to sap the will out of their opponents by checking, body checking and winning all the battles along the boards.

Team Canada has cycled the puck well but it's been a long time since I've seen so many Canadians being muscled to the ice. What's happened? Team Canada has a team more suited for the ice dancing competition than for the hockey one.

Canada plays Team USA in a quarterfinal match-up that features the 2010 gold medal game participants. Team Canada beat the Americans in Overtime. Team USA has been on fire during this tournament and has dominated their opponents, especially inferior ones. Unlike their Canadian counterparts, Team USA hasn't struggled scoring goals.

Team Canada must think that they will be able to magically find their scoring touch against the Americans. They will get a dose of reality when they face Team USA. Team USA is determined to avenge their gold medal loss to the Canadians.

Team USA seems to have a great work ethic. They look like they are willing to do whatever they need to win the gold medal. While Team USA has been playing great hockey, Team Canada has been prancing around the ice practicing their dancing routines. It's time for Team Canada to wake up and start playing real hockey.

Pretty hockey doesn't win gold medals. Rough and tough hockey mixed in with great skill does. It's not an all or nothing approach to the game that yields success. Team Canada can play both a skilled brand of hockey mixed in with a tough one as well.

I would love to see Canada's opponents battered and bruised after a match. I want team Canada to destroy their opponents. I want their opponents to be out of breath and battered after the match. I want the team's opponents to have no will to fight to the end. That used to be the Canadian brand of hockey.

Canada's quest for gold will end when Team USA destroys the Canadians. Team USA plays with heart and passion and they aren't afraid to take the body and beat up on their opponents.

My prediction is that Team USA will win 6-1.

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  1. I think you need to pick something else to write about.
    Team Canada - Womens (Gold)
    Team Canada - Mens (Gold - TBD -here's hoping).

    Never, never, never give up. We didn't change our style of hockey we tweaked it where it needed it so that you can play on that international rink. Totally different game. We lost against Sweden before because we tried to play an NHL type of game on the international rink. As good as we are, we are always trying to improve our game. I would rather have our team play as a team with a pretty game hitting hard where we need to so that we can wear gold around our neck, rather than come out all flash and than psychologically implode like the US team did when they come across teams that know how to play on the international stage. When you look at the record, US needs to desperately tweak it's game and hopefully come in with a bit more of a humble swagger before you start predicting 6-1 blowouts especially against teams where the sport is part of their national psyche.

    1. Thanks for your post.
      I'm Canadian and I wrote this article for a reason. You're a hockey fan, do you believe in the counter-jinx?
      Go Canadeh!

  2. To prevent hockey losing it's place as a great sport in Canada, Canadians needs to play the way they did during this Olympics....starting when kids first start playing the game. In my opinion, it was the best team we ever put on ice and hockey was played the way it should be...with style and finesse. As hockey's leaders, we ( Canada) need to adopt this style and punish those who advocate the rough, tough play that has played a big part in ruining the most wonderful sport ever. By punishing, I mean those who advocate physical play should be simply be ignored. Once they get the message that no one wants their "game style", they will go home with their tail between their legs so the rest can enjoy the game without severe concussions etc. Then we will see hockey begin to gain the popularity it once had in Canada. If it continues the way it has been, eventually our best athletes will be found playing other sports and hockey will dwindle to a distant memory. There is no place in sport for the kind of brutality we have seen on the ice over the past 30 years or so.

  3. LOL. What a laugh I am getting from this article. Not only did Canada beat the USA and win the Gold by destroying Sweden but the USA got mugged with five goals from Finland, a far cry from the 6-1 win you predicted for USA over Canada. LOLOLOL

    1. canadian fan I'm just as happy as you. Great game eh. I wrote this article as a counter jinx. I loved every second of the gold medal game.

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