Friday, February 14, 2014

Richie Incognito is a Bully

Miami Dolphins Unsigned Mini HelmetInvestigator Ted Wells released his report today and it says that Jonathan Martin was Bullied by Richie Incognito and a couple of other players. After Incognito released voicemails last week and claimed that Martin was a willing participant, there were calls by some that members of the media should apologize to Incognito.

I decided to wait until the report was made public. After Incognito released vicious texts against Martin this week, I had a gut feeling that those texts were actions of a guilty man. I believed they were actions of a bully. Bullies will try and intimidate their victims every chance they get.

I also looked at Incognitos past and it's horrible. The guy is an unsavory character. Now we have proof that he is a thug, bully and disgusting human being. He is a jerk. He is foul mouthed person.

I'm happy I waited for the report to be released. I'm glad I kept my composure and didn't react to the bully's texts or voicemails that he released. I'm glad I didn't apologize to a bully.

Now the NFL needs to react to the report. I believe that Incognito should be banned from the NFL. I would like that ban to be a lifetime ban but that is unlikely. I could see this guy being suspended for the 2014 season. That would be a fair penalty.

The report also says that an assistant trainer and another offensive lineman for the Miami Dolphins were also "harassed" by Richie Incognito.

The fact (according to the report) that Incognito harassed another player and an assistant trainer provides the public with a clear picture of the type of disgusting person that Incognito is. I believe that it is going to be tough for Incognito to latch on to another team.

Incognito has a checkered past and has worn out his welcome with almost every team. Now he has been found guilty of harassing a couple of players and a trainer.

The behavior of Incognito is unforgivable. His behavior is disgusting. A professional football player should be held to a high standard and this type of behavior needs to be eradicated. Players who exhibit this type of behavior need to be punished.

The NFL now has to make a choice. Their decision will send a message to other teams and players. The NFL needs to show everyone that they will not tolerate this type of behavior.

I look forward to the day that Incognito is punished and I hope that punishment is a ban from the NFL.

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