Saturday, February 1, 2014

Rex Ryan and John Idzik Tell Geno to Smarten Up and Act Like a New York Jet

Rex Ryan Autographed Picture - 8x10 Jsa Hologram Coach Ph3New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan and General Manager John Idzik met with quarterback Geno Smith and told him to smarten up and act like a New York Jet. This comes after two recent off the field issues that the team feels embarrassed the organization. Apparently the Jets will not tolerate this behavior like they do losing.

I thought that Geno was doing a great job acting like New York Jet, especially one of the team's quarterback's (QB). Geno is fumbling like a New York Jets player. He's throwing interceptions like a New York Jets QB and he is definitely losing like a New York Jet.

So where did Geno go wrong? He's acting like a loser off the field as well and that's a bad thing for the club. At least they are concerned about being successful somewhere and this case it has to be off the field.

The Jets off the field issues usually takes the form of anonymous players talking negatively about their teammates. So Geno needs to act like an adult as far as getting in trouble and if he really wants to be a true New York Jet, he should give an anonymous interview and talk negatively about all his teammates, the coaching staff and the team's management.

There are a lot of losers in this organization that he can pick on. He can throw Rex under the bus and call him a failure and big mouthed misfit and he can tell the interviewer what a bunch of clowns the team's ownership are.

In Geno's recent so called off the field issue on a plane Virgin Airlines later apologized to Smith for the handling of the incident and welcomed him to fly their airline again.

I do give props to the Jets for trying to establish a conduct policy and sitting down with the young QB but I hardly think that Geno is a train wreck ready to happen. Kellen Winslow is that train wreck. Did they have a similar sit down with that guy?

Of course I'm kidding here but it is good to see that the team is putting an effort into something. It would be nice if that effort was going into placing a winning product on the field and not one that embarrasses the organization and their fan base.

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Geno Smith Told to Act Like a Jet

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