Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Protest This - Russia Loses to Finland 3-1 in Men's Hockey Quarterfinal

Alex Ovechkin Signed Photo - 8x10 Horizontal SlapshotThis week Russian hockey fans protested outside the American Embassy in Moscow Russia. Why did they protest? They protested a disallowed goal by Russia in their match against the United States. While the ruling was a good one (based on the rules), fans didn't see it that way and allowed their emotions to get the best of them.

It amazes me that Russians would be up in arms over a hockey game but silent when it comes to all the abuses perpetrated by their government. I guess they know that their government will allow and support a protest against the USA but not against its regime of Putin and company.

Today Russians might have something else to protest. They should take to the streets to protest their team's putrid and embarrassing play at the Olympics. The Russians lost to the Fins 3-1 in today's quarterfinal match and were eliminated from the competition.

I think that they should protest and call for the ultimate loser in big games, Alex "Ovechloss" Ovechkin to be banned from playing for their team ever again. Ovechkin was nowhere to be found. Did he even play in the tournament?

It's not only Alexander "The Not So Great's" fault that Russia was eliminated. The Russians played terrible hockey. They looked like they lacked inspiration and motivation. It looked like the team left it up to their fans to display all their emotion (protests and all).

Former Russian players who won gold medals for their beloved mother Russia (and former Soviet Union) must be sick to their stomachs today. Those players achieved greatness. This brand of clowns didn't even win a medal on their own soil/ice.

When I was young (before NHL professionals were allowed to play in the Olympics), my friends and I were convinced that Team Canada would win their fair share of gold medals if their top players were allowed to suit up.

While Canada will have a very tough time winning a medal this time around, they have won gold medals in two of the last four Olympics. That's two of the four Olympics that allowed NHL professionals to play in the games (not counting these games).

It put a smile on my face this morning that the Russian men's hockey team will not be the face to Putin's homophobic Russia. We can all say nyehtt nyeht today and Russian hockey fans will have to live with their team's performance for at least 4 more years.

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