Tuesday, February 11, 2014

One of the Dumbest Mascots in Sports Just Got a Little Dumber

New Orleans Pelicans Team Logo Sublimated 10.5" x 13" PlaqueOne of the dumbest mascots in sports just got a little dumber, if that's possible. Pierre the Pelican is undergoing a change and normally that wouldn't be such a bad thing. It would be a welcome change to an embarrassing team's name, logo and most importantly the mascot.

What is really ridiculous is that the Pelicans have created an elaborate story behind the makeover. They've concocted a story why Pierre needs reconstructive surgery on his beak. I'll let you read the story behind this fiasco. I don't want to waste the white space on this page to recount the whole idiotic story.

Why would an NBA team waste time and money marketing a story that is stupid? They should spend every dime they have to spare on placing a winning team on the basketball court. Then again maybe this is all smoke and mirrors to divert their fans attention from the complete and utter failure of a basketball team.

Calling the Pelicans a professional basketball team is almost as ridiculous as calling Pierre a professional team's mascot. Calling either a professional product is an oxymoron.

I thank the Pelicans for providing me with material for this article. I think that the Pelicans should have been more subtle in their approach to their mascot's makeover. Why draw attention to something that has been a laughing stock all along? Why draw in sports fans like me who want to keep on making fun of the mascot?

If the Pelicans would have just made the change and then unveiled the new mascot to their fans, I would have probably written about the positive changes that were made, assuming that they will be positive.

Then again, I might not have written anything at all. It's more fun writing an article that makes fun of the Pelicans.

I do hope that the changes that are being made to Pierre are good ones. If they are, I might write an article praising the organization for making the change. The Pelicans do deserve some positive press even if they are responsible for all the negativity surrounding their organization.

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Pierre the Pelican

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