Monday, February 10, 2014

NBC's Coverage of the Sochi Winter Games is Embarassing

I'm not a fan of NBC's Winter Olympics coverage. For such a huge network with more money than most, its coverage is terrible at best and non-existent at worst. I'm talking about their live coverage. You need experience as a Private Investigator to find their live coverage of the events.

All kidding aside, for those of us who want to watch live events when we take our vacations during the Winter Olympics, it is disappointing that NBC opts to tape the events and show them on their Prime Time coverage instead of showing more live events.

I hate watching sporting events on tape delay. If I can't watch it live, I couldn't care less about watching a taped event that I already know the results to. I would have to be a hermit not to read or hear the results of the day's coverage.

Since I operate a sports site, I obviously turn to the major sports websites for my sports news and updates. As I said, I would have to be a hermit or live under a rock not to find out the results of events that have already occurred.

Some people might say that the time difference between your city in the USA and Sochi prevents NBC from airing live events. That's nonsense. If they are going to tape the events and show them on their prime time coverage, can't they show live events during the times they show their late night/early morning infomercials or off air color bars?

I'm from Canada and I've talked to family and friends who are able to watch many events live. CBC seems to be airing better coverage than NBC.

I guess Canadians just like the winter games more than their American counterparts. I guess NBC is dumbing down their coverage to people who couldn't care less if the coverage is live, taped or not aired at all.

I must be int he small minority of sports fans in this county that would like NBC to air more events live. Maybe NBC isn't like the CBC who can afford to air live events. That isn't true. NBC has tons of money but opts for glitz, glimmer and pomp and circumstance rather than quality and good coverage.

They think they can dupe us all with their over the top Hollywood style coverage. I'll take good, solid and quality coverage over their over the top pageant style and Hollywood looking coverage.

Am I being too critical of NBC's coverage? I don't think so. I'm just being honest.

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NBC's Winter Olympics Coverage

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