Sunday, February 9, 2014

NFL Porspect Michael Sam Announces He's Gay

Michael Sam Signed Schutt Full Size NCAA Helmet with "SEC DPOY" InscriptionA star defensive end for the University of Missouri and NFL draft prospect Michael Sam came out on ESPN's outside the line on Sunday. The football player had already announced that he was gay to his teammates early in the 2013 season and they accepted him.

If Sameis drafted in this year's NFL draft he would set an NFL precedent for being an openly gay and active player in the NFL. Michael Sam is a confident young man. He knows who he is and what he wants to do for a career. He isn't allowing anybody to define him.

Good for Sam. Good for him. He is announcing he's gay before the draft. He is being true to who he is and in he's taking a risk. I really hope an NFL team doesn't balk at drafting this young man because he's gay.

If Sam has the credentials to make the NFL and I think he does, he should be drafted and allowed to pursue his dream in the NFL. This is also a huge moment for the NFL. We will see if they can accept a gay player.

If everything works out for Sam it could be a defining moment for gay athletes, especially football players. Sam could define his generation and fellow gay athletes could use Sam's success and strength as a means to perusing their dreams without having to hide who they are.

Most of us are able to pursue our dreams without hiding who we are. Wouldn't it be something special, something great for athletes like Sam to be able to peruse their dreams without fearing retribution for coming out?

This is the time for the NFL to embrace Sam and draft the kid. As I said earlier, if he has the credentials to be drafted, he should be. Who cares what his sexual orientation is?

If a team wants a tough player who is confident in who he is and someone who is true to who he is and if they want a player who has great inner strength that team should consider drafting Sam.

The next few months should be interesting for Sam. Hopefully he is accepted by other football players. If he is drafted I hope he is accepted by his teammates. Hopefully he will be judged for the type of person he is and not his sexual orientation.

Good luck to Michael Sam. I hope all his dreams come true.

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