Friday, February 14, 2014

Mediocrity is Alive and Well With the Minnesota Vikings

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For Minnesota Vikings fans hoping that the Minnesota Vikings had learned their lesson from last season, they got news today that showed that the organization is still mediocre and run by incompetents. Today the Vikings announced that Christian Ponder would be back with the team in 2014.

I don't like this move or non-move. I believe that most fans are like me and don't care if Ponder is a bench warmer. Ponder being on the team leaves a bad taste in our mouth. It's the type of taste that losers are accustomed to and Vikings fans have had that taste for years.

I understand why the Vikings chose to keep Ponder. At least I think that I do. I think it comes down to the 3+ million dollars that the team would have to count against their cap space in 2014 even if they released him.

I think that there should come a time when an organization takes a stand against placing a putrid product on the field. I thought that the team had done that with their new coaching hires last month. Keeping Ponder on the team means they are keeping the poster child of mediocre quarterbacks on their roster.

Ponder should have been released if for nothing else but to cleanse the team of one of the players responsible for the team's mediocre play.

If Vikings GM Rick Spielman is the architect behind this decision it would make sense. When it comes to evaluating quarterbacks, Rick is out to lunch. He should be banned from making any quarterback related decisions.

Just when I thought that the Vikings had taken s step forward (coaching hires) they take five steps back. The fans of this team deserve better. They deserve for the team to be serious about winning.

If the team was serious about winning they wouldn't think twice about releasing Christian Ponder. They would have dumped him already.

With the way Rick Spielman makes decisions he is probably close to signing Mark Sanchez. You think that I'm kidding? I shudder to think what the team's next quarterback related decision is going to be.

Article source:
Minneapolis Star Tribune

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  1. As a Vikings fan, it bothers me to to even think that Ponder is still on the roster...He is an official "Schlep-rock" for the Vikings.

    However, Vikings will keep Ponder as long as they can, in hopes of trading him for a draft pick.

    Why not?

    The NFL (especially at this time of the year) is a poker game....don't show your cards until you have to.

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