Friday, February 21, 2014

It's the Dutch Speedskating Coach that is Foolish

So what do you get when you ask a foolish Dutch sppedskating coach a question. You get a response that mocks America and sounds like it's coming from a person with a low IQ. It also sounds like someone who believes his sport is better than every other sport known to mankind.

That Dutch coach is Jillert Anema and he thinks that he has the answer to Team USA's speedskating woes. Are you ready for this? He thinks America shouldn't focus on foolish things like American Football.

Someone should tell Sherlock that American Football is a multi-billion dollar industry. Why would America care to be a speedskating powerhouse if it means giving up on one of the greatest sports on earth? We wouldn't. Speedskating over American Football? That's ridiculous.

This is an attempt by a man who thinks his sport is better than other sports. It's OK to see this sport every four years at the Olympics. That's fine. I wouldn't want to watch more of it. I don't sit on my couch yearning for more speedskating.

I do sit on my couch now that the NFL season is over, yearning for more football. Speedskating doesn't even come close to the excitement I have for football. This is what I think of speedskating; Woohoo, in a few minutes the event is over. WOW, that was amazing.

Actually speedskating can be exciting if it's the short track variety because it's like Roller Derby on ice.

I'm not evens sure why I'm writing an article about this buffoon. Oh yeah, I know now. I have absolutely nothing better to do while I watch Shark Tank. That's not slamming Shark Tank. I love the show. If Shark Tank was on or speedskating what would I watch? Let me think...Shark Tank.

I think this foolish man wanted some airtime on a relevant TV network and not some two bit no name and never heard before TV show. So he brought his nonsense to an American network that actually gave that guy some time to spew his nonsense.

Oh shucks. I've spent so much time writing about this dreck that I forgot to DVR Olympic speedskating. Didn't that end already? Who knows and who cares? This shows how interested I am in the sport...Not!

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