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Nick Foles Eagles Signed 16x20 Photo vs. Raiders INSCR. 7 TD's 11/3/2013 JSAThe Philadelphia Eagles appeared in the playoffs for the first time since 2010 after winning the NFC East with a record of 10 and 6. LeSean McCoy was the best running back in the NFL and although the Eagles allowed a substantial amount of yardage, the defense would not give up many points. As a team, the Eagles improved drastically but the majority of the credit has to go to quarterback Nick Foles.

NFL media mostly eliminated the opportunity for Foles to succeed with head coach Chip Kelly because it was thought that Kelly needed a mobile quarterback and Foles resembled Peyton Manning in his scrambling ability. Despite all the doubts that surrounded him, Foles produced one of the most prolific seasons of a quarterback.

The young quarterback had the highest passer rating in the league, 119, which is also the third highest in history. Foles' touchdown-to interception ratio was 27:2, and his first pick came after 200 straight passes and 19 touchdowns.

The young quarterback was so impressive that his jersey landed in Canton Ohio following his performance against the Oakland Raiders where he tied the NFL record for 7 touchdown passes and set the record for being the only player to throw 7 touchdowns in three quarters. If Kelly had elected to play Foles rather than avoiding injury, Foles could have easily shattered that record.

Philadelphia’s season came to an end following their last second loss to the New Orleans Saints but Foles outplayed future Hall of Fame quarterback, Drew Brees by having a rating of 105 in his playoff debut. Foles capped his terrific season by winning offensive MVP of the pro bowl after throwing 10 passes and completing 7 for 85 yards and a touchdown.

What is astonishing about this type of season is that even though Foles was in his second year and lacked crucial experience, he overcame all of that with exponential numbers. The future is bright for the Eagles because of the emergence of one of the top young quarterbacks in the NFL.

Written by Hector Serra (Guest writer)

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  1. Great article!!! Philly fans definitely see a bright future with Foles!!

    1. Philly fans definitely deserve some success for their team.

  2. What an insightful look into the foundation of the Eagles team. This proves the building blocks are in place and the pieces to be added this year should propel the Eagles deeper into the playoffs next year. It would be nice to see a Philadelphia team on top, hoisting one of the trophies. Hopefully the Eagles will shine bright for years to come. They are a young team. Fly Eagles Fly!

    1. Welcome to Sportmentary Gary. It's good to sea Eagles fans on the site. Guest poster Hector plans on writing more articles.

  3. This piece is sweet and to the point! A very good perspective. I hope the Eagles can keep all three big receivers --mostly, Cooper and Maclin who I believe are both free-agents. The Eagles really need to bump up, I mean DRASTICALLY!, their defense. The pretty much have the Offense pieces in place. Whoever wrote this piece, keep it coming, please.

    1. Jacinto8778 thanks for your comment. Don't worry, I think Hector wants to write more articles for the site.

      As the site's owner I write a ,ot about my favorite team, the Vikings but I'm happy to see and Eagle's fan guest write for the site and also like to Eagles fans visit us.

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