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Finland Defeats USA 5-0 in Men's Olympic Hockey

Autographed Selanne Photo - TEAM FINLAND OLYMPICS 8x10 w COAIt only took 11 seconds early in the second period in the bronze medal game at the Olympics for Team Finland to go up 2-0 on Team USA. The first goal came off a great backhanded goal by future Hall of Fame NHL player Teemu Selanne.

Both goals came after mental and uncharacteristic mistakes by Team USA. Team USA was a favorite to win the gold medal before being manhandled by Team Canada on Friday. The loss to Canada sent USA to the bronze medal game.

I was worried for the Americans coming into this game. The Finns are a tough team. They are tight unit and they define what a team is and how every player plays their roles.

Teemu Selanne is 43 years young but he is still a great player. While I wanted the USA to win the bronze medal, Teemu Selanne is my favorite NHL player. That stems from his days as a Winnipeg Jet when he shattered rookie goal scoring and points records.

The Finnish Flash as he's known as is a fun player to watch. The guy was instrumental in his team's success at Sochi, especially in the bronze medal game.

Team USA had their chances, narrowly missing on their many opportunities. They hit posts, missed the net on glorious opportunities and then were unlucky on others.

You could see that the Americans were getting frustrated as the game moved and that was evident when Patrick Kane took an undisciplined player with under 16 minutes to play.

The Americans had had to take advantage of every second that was left in the game to have a chance at a comeback. Stupid penalties, the type committed by Kane was idiotic and destructive to the Americans.

In the end, it was clear that the Americans domination through their first 4 games was not indicative of what was to come for the Americans. Maybe their last two games were more representative of the team's true ability.

Tim Yoshi who was the hero in the game against Russia, took another dumb penalty by Team USA. That penalty was with a little under 12 minutes to play in the game. Being down by three with time running out and taking a stupid penalty like that was terrible.

That penalty led to another goal. Yes my friends, 4-0. The rout was on and the Americans were obliterated by the Finns.

Team USA took another dumb penalty out of frustration and that led to the Finns 5th goal. So that was three idiotic penalties that led to three Finnish goals. That was a disgusting display of hockey by Team USA in the third period.

This will go down as a very disappointing Winter Olympics for Team USA. It has to be clear after this game that Team USA was not a great team. They weren't a favorite. They fell apart when the pressure was on.

The penalty led to a Finland goal to put them up 3-0. The shutout by Finland means that in their last 120 minutes the Americans didn't score a goal.

We will never know what the loss was to this team's arch rivals, the Canadians on Friday had to do with the pathetic game that they played today.

The Finns lost to their border rival, the Swedes on Friday 2-1 but they didn't let that game deter them. They played a great game and they deserved the bronze medal.

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  1. It's a good thing for you that the freedom of speech exists in this country (assuming you're in the USA), because in a lot of other countries, they'd deem you too stupid to handle the responsibility of being a blogger and revoke your internet privileges.

    "It has to be clear after this game that Team USA was not a great team." Only if you didn't wipe the dirt of your glasses before the Canada game. We were a great team. Tell Russia, Slovakia, and the Czechs, who outscored by a combined 15-5, that we're not a great team. One was considered the gold medal co-favorite and the other two were dark horse candidates to win a medal. They'd probably be surprised to hear that we are "not a great team."

    "Maybe their last two games were more representative of the team's true ability." Or....maybe their first four were! Are you some kind of seer that knows playing two bad games is a truer measure of a team's worth than playing four good ones? If a team plays four good games but two bad ones in the Stanley Cup finals, you know what we call them? Stanley Cup champions.

    We were not "manhandled" by Canada yesterday. No one disagrees that Canada was the better team, but we were not "manhandled." The final score was 1-0 and the SOG total was 37-31. We had good chances but didn't score, they had good chances and scored on one of them. Canada was definitely the better team, but to call it a "manhandling" is simply trolling.

    I agree with your assessment of today's performance, Team USA played with no heart and no fight and embarrassed both themselves and their country. And they deserve a LOT of criticism for what transpired today. But overall, we played four outstanding games against three very good teams and Slovenia, then ran into a team that was better than us and lost (even though we didn't play nearly as badly as trolls like you make it out to be), then decided they weren't interested in a bronze medal and failed to show up for today's game. But to suggest that the last two performances were the most indicative of how good Team USA really is/isn't is simply dumb and ignorant. As ashamed as Team USA should be for their performance today (or lack thereof), you should be equally ashamed for writing such an inaccurate, caustic, piece of crap excuse for a blog.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. And in other countries your comment would have been deleted. I appreciate your opinion even if I don't agree. Read the "About Us" page. I don't claim to be a journalist just a sports fan that opines as events occur.

      You make it sound like a violated some big thing. I expressed an opinion and didn't hurt anyone by doing that.

      Delete welcomes your comments and lively debates. All we ask is that you keep your comments civil.

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