Thursday, February 20, 2014

Canada Wins Fourth Straight Gold Medal in Women's Hockey

Team Canada Women OLYMPIC GOLD Dual SIGNED 8x10 PhotoI just finished watching the Gold Medal game in Women's Hockey between Team Canada and Team USA. Team USA was the team to beat. They had been dominating Canada in all but one game recently (Team Canada defeated USA 3-2 in round robin play). It was an amazing game, one of the best ever for the women in Olympic Winter Games history.

Team USA was poised to win the gold medal. They were up with a little over three minutes left in the game. Team USA was going to win it all, weren't they?

No they didn't. The sleeping Giant woke up when it counted netting two goals, the equalizer coming with 54 seconds left, sending this game to sudden death overtime.

The extra period didn't disappoint those of us watching this classic game. It was back and forth, back and forth. When Team Canada's Hayley Wickenheiser was taken down on a breakaway, Team Canada took full advantage of this opportunity with Marie-Philip Poulin scoring the OT and game winner.

This was a great finish and I'm so excited for my country's women who showed poise, determination and the will to win this game when it seemed improbable. I hope that the men can take something out of this victory by Team Canada.

Team Canada's women have been dominant in Olympic competition. They've faced Team USA in all but one gold medal game (2006). Team Canada has won all the gold medals in Olympic competition except the first competition that the Women played in (1998).

Team USA played a great game as well. They also fought hard and they were a great opponent. This has to be an extremely tough loss for them. They had this game and let it slip away in the waning minutes of the game.

My wife is American and is sick of how crazy I get for my Team Canada. That's how Canadians are. We live, breathe and bleed hockey. She is not a happy camper today, especially since she thought that Canada was all but done.

For any IOC official thinking that the women's game has no place in the Olympics because there is really only two true competitors I have this to say. This was a great tournament. The women are getting better and better each year.

The women put on a great show. The women's game belongs in the Olympics. In the early years of the Winter Olympic Games, Canada's men were the dominant team. They won gold medal after gold medal. They beat teams by 48, 30 and 20 to nothing time after time.

The IOC didn't consider eliminating the game. Today any team is capable of winning games and medals. There are at least five legitimate contenders and even teams like Latvia, Switzerland and Norway can attempt an upset.

The women's game needs to grow in other countries. The USA and Canada have supported women's sports and that's why team USA and Team Canada are the dominant teams.

As the sport grows internationally, we will see even better games by women and we will see the women's game grow to heights we've never seen before.

Congrats to Team USA and Team Canada for showcasing the game of women's hockey to the world. They made their countries proud, really proud.

Team Canada Wins the Gold Medal

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