Sunday, February 23, 2014

Canada Defeats Sweden 3-0 to Capture the Men's Olympic Hockey Gold Medal

Jonathan Toews Autographed Puck - Team Canada OlympicTeam Canada saved its best game for last as they defeated Team Sweden 3-0 to be the Olympic Ice Hockey Men's champions. Team Canada was flying all over the ice and dominated in every single aspect of the game. It was fun to see and it's awesome that my country remains the champions of hockey, the way that it's mean to be.

The Swedes were only in the game for about three minutes. By the start of the third period, Team Canada had sucked the energy, will and determination out of the Swedes. Gone from the Swedes was even their dirty playing.

The Swedes seem to fly under the radar as far as dirty playing is concerned. Since they are a skilled team and they are fast skating and pass the puck with precision, their dirty play often goes unnoticed. Their dirty brand of hockey was evident when Canada's Chris Kuntiz was checked from behind into the boards. It looked like he had a serious injury and he was bleeding profusely.

Kunitz got his revenge at the 9:04 mark of the second period to salt away the victory. By that time the Swedes had succumbed themselves to defeat.

The Canadians took away the center of the ice and the passing lanes from the Swedes. This slowed them down. The Canadians were brilliant today in Sochi. Every player did a great job and the team's chemistry was evident. Had it not been for Swedish goalie Hendrik Lundqvist, the score could have been 8-0.

Team Canada's fans, including myself were concerned with the lack of scoring by the world's top offensive players (Team Canada). While Canada didn't score many goals in the Latvian game and against Team USA, their offense was on display and the Canadians could have easily scored many more goals had it not been for outstanding goaltending.

On Sunday, the team's biggest stars also added goals in addition to Chris Kunitz. Jonathan Toews got things going with a beautiful goal at 12:55. That goal turned out to be the game winner. Toews played a great game like he did in Vancouver in 2010. The Chicago Blackhawk's captain played a solid game. He played a great game and it was awesome to see the Winnipegger play a great game on hockey's biggest stage.

Let's not forget about Captain Sidney Crosby. While he was scoreless in the first five games, Sid the Kid scored a breakaway goal in the second period that left everyone with their mouths wide open. Sid played a great game as well. His passes were unbelievable.

Toews and Crosby will be 30 and 29 respectively in 2018. It's nice to look ahead and see that Team Canada will have their leaders back on Olympic ice in 2018 if the NHL agrees to send them to the Olympics.

I'm sure other Team Canada fans will agree with me that it's tense watching our team play. I was nervous until today. At times, I wouldn't even say that it was fun to watch. I was so nervous that I almost felt sick to my stomach.

The gold medal game was different. You could just tell that the Canadians were far better than the Swedes. You could see them dominating in every facet of the game. To be honest, for the first time during these Olympic Games, victory felt certain and this is coming from the counter jinx artist himself.

So Canadian hockey fans have another four years of bragging rights as their beloved team are champions of the world. Champions, Champions, Champions. Don't you love the sound of that?

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Team Canada Wins Gold MEdal

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