Saturday, January 18, 2014

The News Keeps Getting Better and Better for the Minnesota Vikings

Things got even better for the Minnesota Vikings this evening as news emerged that one of the top offensive minds in the NFL will be joining the team. Yes my friends, Norv Turner will be the team's new offensive coordinator.

Shortly after the great hiring of Mike Zimmer earlier in the week it was reported that Zimmer was seriously considering hiring Norv Turner. I said that it would be a coup for the team if Turner agreed to come to Minnesota.

In a span of less than a week the Vikings filled two needs. They hired a head coach that has tons of potential and they hired arguably the best offensive coach in the game. Before you start questioning this hire and say that Turner was bad head coach, keep in mind that Turner is well respected by his peers as far as being a great offensive minded coach.

In San Diego had a good offense. The problem was managing all the aspects of the team. He doesn't have to do that here. He has to build a winning offense. That's his task. The Vikings now have a great coach who can help Zimmer and Spielman pick a good quarterback for this team.

They also have a guy who will be able to work with a young rookie quarterback (if that's the route the team takes in the 2014 NFL draft) and provide him with guidance and tutelage.

Vikings fans should be ecstatic tonight. I am. I'm so happy I want to scream. So I will. SCREAMMMMM!

I'm so happy. I'm so happy that the Vikings got these hires right. Zimmer can focus on rebuilding the team's defense and Turner can work on fixing the offense. The Vikings had one of the worst defenses in the NFL in 2013. Zimmer will hopefully build a good corps of defensive coaches.

Vikings fans, be happy and rejoice. I'm going to make a bold prediction. The Vikings will be contenders in a few years. They will contend for all the marbles. We're going to have the best coaching staff in the history of the club and they will fix the team's problems.

I usually don't make these positive predictions about my beloved Minnesota Vikings as I don't want to jinx my Purple but I'm so happy tonight and so confident that the Vikings have made great hiring decisions this week that I'm ready to step out of my comfort zone and make bold statements about my team.

This is a great night. This is going to be a great offseason and now I look forward to a great draft for this team.


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