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The Miami Dolphins Got Themselves a Hickey

Bills Dolphins Football: Miami, FL - Sun Life StadiumThe Miami Dolphins have been searching for a GM replacement and it hasn't gone well. Almost every candidate said no to the team. Can you blame them? Who would want to work for the Miami Dolphins ownership and executives? Trying to find someone to take the position of GM for a pathetically run organization can pose troubles when trying to find someone credible and with a great track record.

The Dolphins found their man and his name is Dennis Hickey, who is a former executive with the low rated and terrible Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It wasn't a blockbuster hire or a hire that makes one have any confidence in the team going forward. In fact, this hire makes this Dolphins fan think that the team took a big step backwards.

Miami Dolphins fans shouldn't be surprised that the team couldn't find someone who they can have faith in to turn this disaster around. Hickey isn't the man in my opinion. Look at the last couple of years the Bucs have had. They've been pathetic.

As a fan I wanted my team's next GM to have come from an organization that was on the up and up not the down and down. What the Dolphins need is a complete change from top to bottom as far as their leadership is concerned.

In my opinion each leader of this team is a clown. They are inept and in some cases void of common sense. In my opinion each leader is void of the ability to put a winning product on the field. The team might show flashes of competency but you can bet when the time comes to produce on the field the Dolphins will mess up.

That was evident in the last two games of the 2013 season. The Dolphins fell apart and embarrassed themselves and in the end they were no better off than other pathetic seasons. With this ho hum hire Dolphins fans enter another long offseason with no confidence in their team and the people who pretend to run it.

The only sure thing for most Dolphins fans is the belief that this team is and will be on the wrong end of the win loss record and playoffs. Playoffs? That possibility seems so remote. With this hire I'm more confident than ever that the Dolphins will field another loser next season and the one after next and the one after that.

These are dark days for Dolphins fans an until the team has new ownership and leadership the Dolphins will have more in common with the Jacksonville Jaguars than they do with their former great teams.

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