Monday, January 13, 2014

The Chicago Cubs Unveil Cute Looking Mascot

The Bad News BearsHis name is Clark and he's the new mascot of the Chicago Cubs. In fact Clark is the first Chicago Cubs mascot in the modern era. Clark is cute. He really is and if you were reading a children's book or watching the children's animated show Berenstein Bears, you would love him. A mascot for a MLB team? Well, I don't know.

Mascot's should portray a winning attitude for their teams. In the Cub's case they are desperate to have a winner. They are desperate to have something that shows that the team can win games and contend for titles.

Unfortunately Clark conjures up images that have nothing to do with winning. In my case I thought of a couple TV movies and characters that Clark reminded me of and here they are:

Bad News Bears - Remember that movie about a terrible team of misfits. Clark would have been a great mascot for that team.

The Bears happen to have a similar name to the cubs. They also share the distinction of being a bumbling and cursed team.

There is a glimmer of hope for the Cubs. The Bears would go on to be a winner. Maybe Clark can create that winning ingredient or maybe Wrigley Field will be like a children's theme park with Clark in tow.

Clark Griswold of National Lampoon's Vacation -Clark Griswold is a nice guy and someone who is likeable and who you want to win. But Clark is a guy with bad luck. In fact bad luck seems to follow Clark where ever he goes.

Funny thing is that Clark shares the same name as Mascot Clark. Do Cubs want a mascot that reminds them of the funny guy Clark Griswold. I don't think so.

Clark does manage to have some good fortunes at the end of the Vacation movies and he's extremely entertaining and provides us with lots of laughs.

While the Cubs might be entertaining we don't want them to provide us with lots of laughs do we? So can you look at Mascot Clark with a straight face? I can't.

Am I being too hard on the Cubs? Probably but I'm just having some fun. I do like the Mascot. He is cute but Clark just doesn't portray winning to me.

I thought that Clark seemed to be saying "Oh shucks we suck". Clark seems apologetic. It's as if Clark is telling Cubs fans that he's sorry for the pain that Cubs fans feel for so many seasons without a World Series but at least they have a cute mascot in me.

At least Clark is family friendly. He's sure to be a hit with the toddlers.


Chicago Cubs Mascot

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