Monday, January 27, 2014

Sochi Mayor in Need of a Reality Check

The mayor of the host city of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games claims that his homophobic city has no gay residents. This monster is in need of a reality check. The name of the piece of garbage who is the mayor of Sochi is Anatoly Pakhomov.

I hate to break it to this gay hater that unless he and Putin have death squads who kill gay people in their city and country, there is a great chance that there are gay people in his Sochi.

Not only is this creep a disgusting pig gay hater, he doesn't have any common sense and has lost his grip on reality if he ever had one in the first place. This piece of garbage is a member of Putin's party. What type of members does this party look for?

I'm guessing they're looking for little weasels that have to bash gays because they are threatened by people who are different from them. Real men and real women have enough confidence in themselves and who they are that they don't have to oppress people who are not like they are.

What makes me upset is that these clowns are so scared of gay people they have to enact laws against them. They think that they will be attacked and raped by gay people. They think that gay people will molest children. That's another myth. If these pigs want to eliminate molesters they should look at every citizen. Like most heterosexuals, most gays aren’t predisposed to molest children.

All human beings should be treated equally. I'm disgusted that NBC, the Unites States and its allies are promoting these gay bashing Olympics. The only way to distance oneself from these Olympics and from gay bashing is to take these games away from a disgusting country who hates gay people.

By not standing up against this oppressive regime, the IOC and every country that attends these games are supporting the oppression of gay people.

You might think I'm crazy but Russia's laws against gays are a first step in its oppression of gay people. History shows us that soon millions of gay Russians will be interred in camps and they will be lucky to survive. The next step after that will be the annihilation of gay people in Russia.

Putin and his clown of goons and their disgusting supporters have made it clear to me and many people around the world that they hate gays, will not tolerate gays and will work to eliminate gays from their country. Putin is a dictator and disgusting human being. He is a small minded person who has decided to take out his wrath on gay people.

The Sochi Olympics will be defined by a president, mayor  and country that are targeting gay people. They may also be remembered for the terrorism that is so rampant in Russia. I hope that isn't the case but when I hear the name Sochi I feel like vomiting.

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