Friday, January 24, 2014

NFL Hands Out Bogus Fine To Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman Autographed Helmet - 2012 Full Size Psa dnaToday the NFL handed out one of the most bogus fines in the history of the NFL. Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks was fined for taunting. The fine was $7,875. The small fine shows me that the NFL didn't really take offense to the gestures made by Sherman in the closing moments of the NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers.

After Sherman's sensational tip that led to the game winning interception in the end zone, Sherman was caught on video by the NFL Network saying to Michael Crabtree "Hell of a game" after the game. Crabtree then shoved Sherman in the face.

Sheman did pat Crabapple I mean Crabtree on the bum and make a choking motion to the San Francisco bench but the emotions were high at that point.

Sherman was the only one fined but what about Crabtree? He shoved a guy in the face. Isn't physical violence worse than some words and a gesture?

I think the NFL was bowing to wusses and politically correct garbage by fining Sherman. The fine was less than $10,000. It's a joke. It's ludicrous and it's embarrassing.

Roger Goodell has really made a fool of himself this time. Is he trying to take out the raw emotion and excitement from the game? Does he want the NFL to be a league of touch football players and British manners school students?

I guess Roger wants to take the fun out of the game. He wants the NFL to be a third rate touch football game. He wants the game to be officiated by third grade teachers who run the football field like their classrooms. Their will be no excitement. Their will be no gestures. Their will be no raw emotion and coarse language.

I think that's what the the laughable and idiotic Goodell wants. I think it's ridiculous.

Richard Sherman was given a penalty for his actions. No further action was necessary but Goodell had to stick his nose into this. He had to act like a complete imbecile.

The NFL should change their name to the NEL (No excitement League) because Goodell is doing his best to take the game of football out of the league. He's trying to make the NFL into some sort of skills competition where there's no contact and players can't show their excitement.

If Goodell isn't careful the NFL will be football's version of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment. The only difference is that their won't be any entertainment.

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