Friday, January 31, 2014

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Has Sunk to a New Low

Autographed Roger Goodell Photo - Commissioner 8x10 W coaMy respect for Roger Goodell is already at low a level and that lack of respect  took another step towards total disrespect on Friday. What made me lose even more respect for this guy? Roger Goodell in response to the reporters questioning him about the offensive name of the Washington Redskins, said that “9 out of 10 Native Americans support the Redskins Name” and that the name honors Native Americans.

Roger the dodger never provided the source of this so called poll. Where is it Roger? Where is it? I think this guy is off his rocker. At the very least he is insensitive to what I and many think is an offensive name. The term has deep roots in history as being offensive.

I dare anyone to go up to a group of Native Americans and say “Hi Redskins”. Good luck to you and I’m sure that if it was a group of 10 Native Americans that 10 out of 10 would be offended and think that you are a racist.

Goodell seems to be citing a poll that has no scientific, valid or real existence. I question the validity and existence of such a poll. I question Goodell’s morals and ethics. I think the guy is void of any decency. Who does this clown think he is?

This guy is completely out of touch with reality. The guy has gone bonkers in my opinion. Maybe he always was bonkers. If I had to guess, I would think that Goodell was a racist, scumbag, idiot or all the above.

I’ll eliminate racist and leave the other two as real possibilities in my humble opinion. I think that Washington should change their offensive name. I believe that it’s the right thing to do. I believe scrapping this disgusting name would honor Native Americans.

So if the Washington Football Team and Roger the dodger Goodell wants to honor Native Americans, changing the name is the only way to do it. I believe that keeping this name is akin to spitting in the face of the very people you claim to be honoring.

Do these bozos really believe that the name and the team are honoring Native Americans? They can’t be that idiotic can they? I think they are just trying to dodge the issue. They’re trying to avoid admitting that the name should be scrapped. They’re trying to avoid admitting that they are making a huge and offensive mistake by defending and keeping such a disgusting and offensive name.

I would have liked if Goodell was an honorable human being. That would be nice. If he’s just a mouthpiece and puppet for the league’s owners he could have kept his yap shut. He didn’t have to say that 90% of Native Americans support the name and that the name honors them.

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