Thursday, January 16, 2014

Minnesota Girls Snubbed Once Again By Fox Sports North's Hockey Day Minnesota Coverage

In Minnesota we pride ourselves of our state's commitment to gender equality, especially when it comes to sports. Women's sports have made great strides in this state like others. In a state where hockey rules, the girl game is no different or is it?

For all the strides that have been made for women's sports and hockey in Minnesota, Fox Sports North has kicked that to the curb like it has its coverage of the girl's game. Sure they are nice enough to televise one girl's game but that game will be taped and shown locally at 11 PM.

11 PM. Yes 11 PM when most girls are sleeping. Hockey Day Minnesota is a great showcase of hockey in the State of Hockey and Fox would go a long way in promoting the girls game if they showed a live telecast of the girl's game. That way, young girls would have chance at getting exposed to the greatest game in the world.

Girls would be able to see their counterparts playing hockey. It would be an opportunity for young girls to see other girls playing hockey.

I  guess that Fox Sports North doesn't feel that televising a girl's game live would be good for ratings. So they will show the game at a time that they might show a boring infomercial. Thanks Fox Sports North for your awesome dedication to women's hockey.

I have a suggestion for the geniuses who organize Hockey Day Minnesota. Schedule the girl's game 10:00 AM which is the first game. That way, Fox Sports can televise the girls game live. That would be a novel approach wouldn't it?

What is Fox Sports North scared of? Why won't they give the girls and equal opportunity? Until they do and until the organizers of Hockey Day Minnesota treat the girls fairly and as equals to the boys, they should call the event Men's Hockey Day Minnesota.

Fox Sports North could have done something new in 2014. They could have shown the state that they were willing to televise a girls game live but they won't be doing that. With that decision, they are telling girls in this state that they are second class hockey players and aren't worthy of decent coverage.

It's a shame. Hockey is a great sport. Women have made great strides in the sport but they are playing catchup. Now is the time for full exposure. Now is the time for Fox Sports North to focus on the girls.

Hockey Day Minnesota Fox Sports North Schedule.

Hockey Day Minnesota

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