Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mike Zimmer Hired By Minneaota Vikings - Finally Something Positive to Talk About

Purple People Eaters Minnesota Vikings Proline Helmet AutographedMinnesota Vikings fans finally have something positive to talk about. That's because the Minnesota Vikings hired Mike Zimmer as the team's new head coach. Zimmer seems very capable of turning around the mess we fondly know as the Minnesota Vikings.

Zimmer is the former defensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals where he built a solid defense. The Vikings are in desperate need of an overhaul with the defensive corps and hopefully Zimmer can improve the team's play in that regard.

Zimmer is a no nonsense head coach who isn't afraid to show his emotions. For Vikings fans who have longed to have a head coach who is passionate about the game and displays that passion on the sidelines, Zimmer is a welcome addition to the team.

I do think too much was made of former Vikings head coach, Leslie Frazier and his quiet demeanor but I think for the clowns that suit up in Vikings gear here in Minneapolis, having a coach who is vocal and a no nonsense guy is something positive for this organization

I'm actually surprised that 1) A coach of Zimmer's quality was available to the Vikings and 2) that the team didn't bungle this move.

If nothing else, during this long offseason, Vikings fans have something to talk about. For me, I think this is a great hire. For the first time in a few years, I actually have confidence that we have a head coach who is capable of building a winner.

For Vikings fans who wonder if the team has hired a winner. I say to you that Zimmer was the defensive back coach for the 1994 Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl championship team. Zimmer is well respected and at least he knows what winning feels like.

Hopefully that winning feeling can rub off on the team. Things won't be easy for Zimmer. He will need to hire a coaching staff that can build a credible offense. Reports indicate that Zimmer is considering bringing Norv Turner on board.

If the Vikings can bring Norv Turner on as an offensive coordinator, that will be a coup. While Turner wasn't a good head coach, he is an offensive guru. Turner would be a great addition to this team, one that I argue would be just as big as the hiring of Zimmer.

Today is a great day for me and I hope other Vikings fans. For one we have hope. For once there is a glimmer of hope that the Vikings have finally done something right.

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