Friday, January 24, 2014

Josh Brent Gets Off Easy For Killing Friend

Call me what you want but I’m sickened by that fact that a killer got off easy for killing his friend.  Retired Dallas Cowboys player Josh Brent voluntarily got drunk, so drunk that police believe he consumed 17 drinks. He then voluntarily decided to drive while being intoxicated with his friend Jerry Brown in the passenger seat.

Brent wound up crashing his car and killing his friend. Brent could have received up to 20 years in the slammer for being convicted of intoxication manslaughter. Instead a jury believed that probation was a fair sentence for Josh Brent.

Today Josh Brent was sentenced to 180 days in prison and 10 years’ probation. Brent now knows what it feels like to be slapped on the wrist. Brent got off easy, unlike his friend who was sentenced to death.

There are many people who believe that this sentence is the right one. Some people will say that Brent is remorseful and heartbroken for killing his best friend. He should be.

Brent had been convicted of drunk driving in 2009. Did Brent alter his behavior? No he didn't. He decided to take a risk again by driving drunk. That risk backfired and Brent should have been justly punished for his crime.

A message should have been sent to everyone that if you drink and drive you will be punished for your actions. The message being sent today is that if you get drunk and then drive home and kill someone on you will be slapped on the wrist and given probation.

The death of Brown was preventable. All Brent had to do was get a ride home. It seems that the judge and jury believed that the life that was taken was worth less than the man that took it.

This sentence is a slap in the face to every victim of drunk driving. I believe that there should be severe consequences for drunk driving, especially if you kill someone.

180 days is less than half a year.  That’s just ridiculous. It’s one thing to believe that Brent shouldn't have been sentenced to 20 years. I didn't believe that but I thought a 10 year prison sentence was fair and just.

Even if 10 years sounds too harsh, shouldn't he have received at least a few years in the clink? Even two years in the pokey? Six months behind bars is an inexcusable sentence for killing someone when that death could have been prevented by not breaking the law and driving while intoxicated.

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Josh Brent Sentenced

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