Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jahvid Will Give His Best Shot Agaisnt the NFL

Signed Jahvid Best Photograph - 8X10 COAFormer Detroit Lions player Jahvid Best is suing the NFL for multiple concussions he sustained while playing in the NFL. Best's career was cut short due to his concussions and as of August 2013 was not cleared to play in the NFL. Jahvid is claiming that the NFL new of the health risks and issues faced by having concussions but "actively concealed" the evidence from the league's players.

It is well documented that the NFL did know of the evidence regarding the health risks of sustained concussions and didn't disclose the information to the league's players. Does this make the NFL liable for damages? I'm not a lawyer of judge but I think it should.

There will be people who argue that Jahvid voluntarily chose to play the game and that the NFL shouldn't be held liable for a player taking inherent risks to play the game. That's nonsense. If you took a job at your local gas station, are you taking a risk that there could be an explosion? Any thing's possible.

What if your employer didn't tell you that they knew of evidence that their particular gas pumps were prone to explosion? Would you have a claim for damages if you were injured in an explosion at the gas station? I would think so. Why? Because your employer withheld evidence that could have altered your decision to work for that employer.

Jahvid will do his best to convince a court that he is legally entitled to damages. I hope that Best wins his lawsuit against the NFL or that the NFL settles the lawsuit. Why? I'm disgusted that the NFL knew of the evidence about the risks of concussions and chose to hide that evidence. That's horrible.

The NFL's lack of disclosure should hold them liable to Best. They should be punished for their disgusting actions and inaction. If the NFL is hit hard in their pocketbooks they might think twice before acting in this way in the future.

If the NFL is allowed to get away with this behavior, what is preventing them from doing something similar in the future? The NFL needs to feel some pain here. They need to be hurt financially.

There is another reason I want Best to win his lawsuit. The man will likely suffer brain damage in the future. He will need money for medical bills and to be able to deal with his injury. Since the NFL knew about the dangers of concussions, they should ensure that Best receives the best care possible and is financially rewarded for their lack of disclosure about the risks of concussions.

Do I think that Best will win? My hope is that the NFL will settle with him but that's unlikely. I believe the NFL will do everything to avoid responsibility for their actions. I believe they will drag this out in the courts.

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