Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Cleveland Browns Coaching Prospects Dropping Like Flies

2013-14 CLEVELAND BROWNS team signed logo football W/COA *RICHARDSON* WeedenThe Cleveland Browns are having a terrible time trying to convince a decent coach to take the job as head coach of the team. Today, Adam Gase the offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos officially withdrew his name from being considered for the Browns job. That was expected but it's a big blow.

Gase isn't the first coach to bow out of contention. The prospects for the Browns are dropping like flies.

You can't blame a good coach from not wanting to take the job. The Browns are terrible and perennial losers. They go through coaches at the drop of the hat. They are a poorly run team that even has a heck of the time trying to place a good front office in place.

So why would any coach that has good credentials want that job. Some jobs are just too terrible to even think about or take a chance at. In the case of Gase, his team is going to the Super Bowl. If he had taken the Cleveland job the likelihood of even making the playoffs would be remote at best.

So who can the Browns go after now. I'm not sure but I'm sure that there are good Pop Warner coaches out there. A Pop Warner coach might not even want to take the job.

Not only are the chances of making the playoffs with Cleveland poor but the chances of lasting more than a few years is not good. If a coach is going to change ship and leave a good team, there has to be a decent chance that they could turn around a bad team.

It's a sad situation in Cleveland. I feel sorry for their fans. They support a cruddy team. They support a loser. They support a team that fields a terrible product. The worst thing for Browns fans is that there doesn't seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel.

I think the Jacksonville Jaguars would be a better gig than the Browns. The Browns are at the bottom of NFL food chain and now the team has to scrape the bottom of the barrel to find a head coach.

The Browns might need to offer obscene amounts of money to lure a decent coach to Cleveland and if they can't find a way to to find that good coach they might have to resort to hiring a mediocre head coach.

The problem for Cleveland might go beyond finding a head coach. Unless they can find someone decent they might end up having trouble in the free agency market. Why would a good player want to go to a bad team with a bad coach?

So the situation in Cleveland is dire and to be honest I don't see their fortunes changing in the near future.

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