Monday, January 20, 2014

Bill Belichick Should Take A Get Over It Pill

Bill Belichick Signed Photo - 8x10 COLOR +COA COACHBill Belichick ripped into Wes Welker today accusing the Denver Bronco's star of intentionally injuring Aqib Talib on a pick play. Really? Really Bill? It looked like a legal play to me. So your wonderful never break the rule Patriots have never run a pick play?

Belichick called it "one of the worst plays I've ever seen". Really Bil? Really? I think your Spygate cheating was pretty bad. It was one of the worst cheating incidents by a head coach and NFL team in the history of the league. Mr. Bill is the last person to be giving advice on cheating or worst plays.

Bilichick is considered a cheat and win at all costs type of coach. Mr. Bill should take a chill pill or take a get over it pill.

What is this sour puss so upset about? He's upset that Denver put the smack down on his Patriots. He's upset that he was too stupid and stubborn to resign Wes Welker. He's a poor sport. He's a curmudgeon.

I personally don't think the play was illegal but it was borderline and the NFL needs to address plays like the Welker play. Until they do that, all teams and many players will run the same type of play.

Mr. Bill is too angry at his team's loss see the big picture and that picture is that his team lost. He's too angry that Peyton smoked his team to be able to think straight. Thinking straight would allow him to realize that the Patriots were obliterated by a better team.

The Denver Broncos had the better quarterback yesterday in Peyton Manning. Tom Brady couldn't get the job done and that's because the Broncos had the better defense as well.

So it looks like the Broncos were better prepared for the AFC title game than the New England Patriots. Bill Belichick will have months and months to realized that and ponder what he could have done differently. Yes Bill, this one is on you. Wes Welker didn't cause your team to lose. Your inferior team was the problem on Sunday. The inferior coach (you) was the problem.

So get off your high horse and humble yourself. Admit that the better team won. Admit that you are a cheat as well. I know that will never happen because you are a man void of common sense.

Now that I'm finished my rant against Mr. Bill, I will restate the obvious and that's that Mr. Bill is a sore loser. He's the type of guy that will hurl baseless accusations at his opponent when they win.

Bill Bilichick was the architect of the NFL's Spygate. What New England was accused of and disciplined for in Spygate was illegal. There was no grey area. It was illegal and it was cheating.

So before the big cheater accuses anyone else of wrongdoing he should look in the mirror. When he does he will see a big cheater who is big whiner and sore loser.

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