Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Baseball Writers of America Don't Know Jack

Autographed Jack Morris Photo - Twins World Series 16x20The votes are in after the Baseball Writers of America released who made it into the Hall of Fame. For the 15th straight year these incompetents left a great player off the ballet. That player is St. Paul native and three time World Champion Jack Morris.

Morris won World Series with the Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays and the Minnesota Twins. The series that he won with the Minnesota Twins (1991) against the Atlanta Braves (in extra innings) was his greatest moment. He was voted the World Series MVP in 1991.

I remember watching Jack back in those days. The guy was great. He was lights out. He was a great professional who took his craft seriously. He prepared well and gave it all he had and he won three World Series. Did I mention that already?

Morris was an AL All-Star 6 times and finished 3rd in CY Young voting twice and was in the top 10 in CY Young voting 7 times. Did I say he won three World Series? That's pretty good isn't it?

Jack was also a 5 time All-Star.

I have something to say to the baseball writers who didn't vote for Jack; You don't know Jack. You should take your whacky tabacky to Colorado and leave us all alone with your nonsense. I'm just kidding here but I do think that these writers are living in dumb land.

Morris was 4-2 in World Series pitching. I believe that winning championships should count. That's why they play the game. That's why they play the game. Many players can pad their statistics but how many have won a World Series?

Maddux and Glavine (who were inducted in the Hall) were great pitchers with great statistics but they managed to win only one World Series. They sure had great teams and won their division year after year in the 1990's but they only won one World Series.

I do think that those two players deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. I would argue that they should be ranked ahead of Jack Morris but Jack was a winner and when opponents faced him in the World Series they didn't have much luck.

Did the baseball writers who submitted their ballots without a vote for Jack Morris even do their research about Jack? Do they know anything about Jack? Do they know what they are doing? Are they competent?

I will say it again and again. These clowns don't know Jack. They are clueless. They are a bunch of hacks.

I'm disgusted that Jack Morris wasn't voted into the Hall of Fame. His great career backs up the fact that he should have been elected into it. Remembering Morris pitch, takes me back to a time when I enjoyed watching the game the most.

When Jack Morris won the World Series with the Minnesota Twins, I wasn't happy. I was a huge Atlanta Braves fan back then but I still had a lot of respect and appreciation for how he pitched.

Now that I live in Minnesota and love the Twins, I appreciate his accomplishments even more. Fans of the twins and people who live in the Twin Cities remember him fondly as well. I believe that they are just as upset as I am right now.

Jack Morris was robbed of his rightful place in the Hall of Fame. Leaving Jack out of the Hall is a slap in the face to the game and makes me think that the voting process lacks honesty, integrity and common sense.


Jack Morris

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